Monday, April 30, 2007

Box squats

This is the first time I've done these. What an absolute blast.
I was going to go for a conservative max then base my workouts on it.
75% x 10sets x 2reps 45-60 seconds between sets.
Well I worked up to a fairly hard double but my bench started flexing under me. The crazy thing is that the heavier it got the better my form got. or at least the more tight and solid everything felt. I didn't even feel the weight on my back today so that was WAY cool

I'm several inches above parallel on my bench, I don't care gotta think long term multi-year plan.

all reps with a full 2 second pause, no rocking to get off the bench.

365x2 ( I was astonished at this )
kb press
5 singles each side with 70
10x10 swings with 53.

Long rests between everything.

The 365 for a double really blew me away, I was stoked, running around the garage screaming and cussing, banging shit around like a madman. I'm glad I was the only person home.
My internet is off right now I was so happy i had to drive to the e-cafe and blog LOL.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

damn 500x8 405x8 315x8 215x8 135x8

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Light bench

Yup. I've lost some strength. Not that it matters really. A couple of weeks of good nutrition and sleep and it'll be right back. Not being able to eat for 4 days will seriusly impede your well being.
I planned
light bench
heavy tri's

I did the bench part.
( 135 x 3, 185 x 3 ) x 3
sucked too.

I tried JM presses KILLED my elbows, that one might be out untill I figure out what I'm doing wrong.


So I checked out this gym called Thorbecks today. It bills itself as the oldest powerlifting gym in the US. I don't know how they determine that considering old-skool powerlifters and oldtime bodybuilders were pretty much the same, they trained side by side and just varied nutritionly. But that is not the point. This place is a true dungeon. The padding on the benches is thin and cracked, all the bars have crusted chalk and patena on them. They have platforms. It is in a converted wharehouse. It looks hot in the summer and cold in the winter. There isn't one piece of cardio equipment there. They have a sign on the outside that says "Things allowed: Screaming, Chalk, Dropping Weights."

No contracts, they have a key membership so you can workout anytime, and 2 dollar day passes. They only have about 200 memebers, but anyone is welcome. the place looks HARDCORE. I mean old-skool hardcore. I just peaked through the window right now. it was closed but I'm getting the key membership in 2 weeks. As I was leaving this oriental dude pulled up he was about 5'6" and probably 225 lbs with definition. HYuge chest back and quads. You just don't see guys built like that at the Q. I bet they would even let me bring kb's to the gym.

Here is the funny part, it's 4 miles from my house and about 1000 yards away from the gym that finally made me want to never step into a comercial gym again. I can't believe this place has existed this whole time. When you are ready the teacher ( or in this case the "school" ) appears.

Holy crap

am I geting sore from yesterday, crazy.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Workout post

SHIT this one was just pure crap.

DL day
Planned 75% ( 260 ) x 12 singles
Rack holds

No way was that happening. I got 260 x 6 singles and the 6th one was slow.

I guess it's good just to be working out. 2 days ago I was puking my guts out. But man does it fuck with my head to loose strength. I hate it.

Tommorrow is light bench, chins and swings, it will probabaly be really light. I'm going to be pissed by monday if I'm weak tommorrow. I'm working up to single on a high box ( my bench LOL ). Then I'm going to start doing 70% of that for doubles or triples 60 seconds rest between sets. I figured out how to use my bench and drop down in 1/2 inch increments. I'm going to place 1/2 inch pieces of plywood on either side of my bench every 4-6 weeks untill I'm strong and explosive well BELLOW parallel.

Fuck. Did I mention I hate going backwards. I can't remember. But In case I didn't. I hate loosing strength. Hate it.


Money being a finite resource like it is it tends to dry up once in a while. This paycheck is one of those times, my internet will be shut off sometime in the next 2 weeks, but I'll have it back 2 weeks from today. I'm going to keep my training logs on paper then transfer them to the internet when it gets turned back on.
So If I'm silent for a week or two it doesn't mean I'm slacking, just poor. LOL

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gott keep this one handy

I just realized something..

about the clean and press vs 1 clean and multiple presses.
The clean and press makes you start each rep as a single no bounce at the bottom to help you cheat the next rep up, that HAS to help with starting strength because you practice starting again every rep. all my overhead presses will be off the pins or C&P.
Freakin' cool.

Workout post.

Ok I actually worked out today.
I spent 2 weeks hiting near or at 90% on bench so it was time for a drop in intensity anyway ( at least on bench )
I wanted to take it real easy after this STUPID flu.
Good mornings
45 x 3
105 x 3
135 x 3x3
First time I have ever done bent leg good mornings. Very cool stuff, totally felt it in my hammies and glutes 135 was light. So cool how integration hits things so much harder than isolation because you can use SO much more weight.

KB C&P with 70
3x3 each arm, strangely these have gotten lighter too. so far this is how things are looking

OHP ( medium to medium-low intensity )
heavy abs ( all manner of weighted situp/crunch type moves )
light swings ala roll the dice

heavy bench
heavy back ( different rows or double cleans)
heavy swings ala roll the dice

DL ( alternate cycles of sumo and traditional )
cycle GM or RDL

light bench
heavy tris ( close grip bench, JM presses, ect. )
chins ( ladders with JS bands to reduce the weight more volume less weight )
med swings ( roll the dice ).

swings with 53, gotta make myself realize I can get more power with the 53 not the 70.

I took the time to re-read BB while I was sick. CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE.
I also read a lot of the articles on WSB, I like them a lot because most of them don't talk over my head. Straight, very informative, right to the point.

Feeling better today

I won't tempt fate by eating a spicy fish burritto again. Bland stomach friendly food for me. Like milk, yummy bland milk.

On a side note Donnie Thompson is really quite hilarious.
From EFS:


My name is Masso and I am a serious powerlifter. You guys look pretty strong and muscular so I was wondering if you could help me with this. When you guys max curls, do you count your numbers on the preacher or free standing? Also I was wondering if you could tell me some new arm routines that might give me a wicked pump. Thank you in advance for your help sincerely yours,Masso "#1 lifter"

Donnie Thompsons answer.

I don't know where Jack ass is to answer this highly technical question. I think he would say the preacher is where he would max out and a new routine for a wicked pump would be cable crossover/floor inverted cable curls. to do this, take your shirt off at peak hours at gold's gym. find an old pair of gravitational boots. Get a magic marker and carefully write the letters "NASA" on each boot so other members can see it. Make sure to write it upside down so the memebers can read it when you hang from the cable crossover's pull-up bar. Have about three of the gym members who are taking a break on the machines they are on assist you. Have them hand you the handles attached to the low pulleys. You should have your shirt off by now so it won't flop down in your face and ruin your concentration. As you curl each arm towards each other, make sure you cross the cables in an "X" fashion. This will work on your 'peak'! Have the whole group count your reps to at least 19 or 20. Then have them assist you down. If they were off on their count and were not in unison, make sure to apply tough love and yell at them in a coaching like manner until they understand how important you and your arm training are. Make sure and tell the gold's gym members that this is a special exercise you learned that NASA requires their astronauts to do to prepare for space travel. Tell them if they did not know that, they are stupid. Keep your shirt of for the duration of your time at gold's gym so you can reinforce positive feedback from all the compliments you will get.

My response:
I got an ab workout just from laughing!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick kids

Ever since I moved in with Barb and the kids I have always had some sort of cold/fever/allergy/whatever. It clears up for a month then pops right back up. I actually hardly recognize it anymore, just a minor ditraction. I'm not complaining, it's a small price to pay for such a wonderfull family. The problem occurs when the kiddies get really sick. We have 5 children. each kid is going to get sick a couple of times a year and I usually get what they have.
So the middle of last week Syd wakes us up vomiting in the middle of the night. We kept her home from school, then during the same day I went and got Lyndsey and Tyler got sick too.
Well it seemed everyone was better untill Friday afternoon when Cheyenne started vomiting. Barb went to work and Cheyenne would not lay down anywhere but with me ( of course ). So I wake up at about 2 AM Saturday with Cheyenne throwing up on me ( of course ). I get her up clean her up, give her a bath, change the covers on the bed, get her to sleep and take a shower.
About 4 AM I wake and she is leaning over me and right when I wake up she vomits right in my face, ( man that is GROSS) we go through the whole process again.

Saturday morning I feel like a truck hit me, Barb starts throwing up, and the whole family gets sick as dogs. I just ate for the first time in over 30 hours, and I feel like crap.

Friday, April 20, 2007

How could I leave out Big Bertha

I feel ashamed. I feel like I betrayed a friend. I feel lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. LOL

I forgot to include my big ol' flippin' tire in my home gym pics

Daniel, Sydney, Lyndsey, and the bulldog for comparison.

By the way all the girls think the grunting, groaning, dropping of the weights and flipping of the tires is weird, obnoxious, and wholey disturbing.


IPF deadlifting. Freakin cool.

Bar position

This where I can grab the bar. I just need to stretch, I totally felt this in my upper pecs with just the bar.

This is where I'm comfy at, right to the collars, but my supports on my rack are in the way.
Damn I need to clean out that corner big time.
Also good to see I'm dropping some weight, I can tell from the back. From the front not so much................


gotta keep the triceps flexed while DLing. I know better but I must have not done it. my right bicep is twitching. shit.

Post Script
It's an hour later. I think I overreacted. it seems to be all good. just scared me a little.

DL template

70% 15 sets x 1 rep 1 min rest/set
75% 12 sets x1
80% 8-10 sets x1 1.5 min rest
85% 4-6 sets x1
90 % 1-3 sets x1

Retest max or start over.

I'm going to do this then retest max.

Sumo style

Deadlift grippers chalk.
Things I love.
Changing daily rocks.

Sumo DL
240 x 15 singles
60 seconds rest between sets
Filed CoC 1 8 singles each hand between sets
2 hand swings with 70 plus mini-band
10 x 6

Good workout. Nothing too taxing.
Rif, Christine, ya'll were right, sumo is cool. I can get my shins closer to the bar, and it's WAY easier for me to get my short little arms on the bar between my legs instead of reaching outside my legs. It hits my quads more too, that's a strong point for me. Neato.

I pulled double overhand today no need for staggered grip, wasn't heavy enough. I did do a couple of sets hook grip. That's insane, I like my thumbnails attached thank you very much.

Actually having a gym membership

is pretty much a waste of money for me. I have such a sporadic scedule at home. Hence the home gym. plus I hate most comercial gyms anyway. I got spoiled by this dungeon I used to go to when I was 19 to 20. JP's was the name of it. No stairclimber, no tread mill. there was an old schwin air bike in the corner. Piles of freeweights. even the machines were old skool. Most of them didn't use cables, they used gears with chains. All the benches and machines had the same THIN red padding. I still think red equalls better. But like everything in Phoenix it got bastardized and closed down. They lost their lease, went mainstream, and were gone within 3 months of moving. Me and Pat still talk about that gym sometimes.
Money is ALWAYS in short supply around here. 7 people, 4 dogs, 2 turtles, a tarantula, a parakeet, and various kids from the 'hood always always around, and 1 income.
So when I talk about getting a new piece of fitness equipment Barb just rolls her eyes, but with good reason. Groceries or box for box squats??? Wich will beneifit the family more??? Well duh!
I'm a pretty patient dude though, I have no problem saving 20 bucks here and 50 there to save up for what I want.

But I want to do box squats, and I want to try out different bars and such, and I want to watch other peoples form.
I got on and found a gym close to me. It looks cool. They make a point of saying they are a STRENGTH gym. the pics are way cool on their site. CoC grippers, chains,boards, CHALK, stones, tires ect.

So here is what I'm thinking, day passes are 6 bucks. I could go every monday to squat there while I'm saving up for a box and a cambered bar, If I can't make it during buisiness hours I always have home.

plus they seem to like red too..........

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've been thinking a lot about improvement. The pics I took of my grip stuff earlier made me want to do grip stuff again. I'm always wary though, I have gotten 2 injuries doing grip training. It fucking sucks to wake up at 2:15 in the morning with your ring finger curled to your palm. It sucks worse to try to straighten it out, trust me on this. In fact I don't think my ring finger on my right hand will ever, ever be 100% again, 99.5% maybe but not 100%. Of course neither will my ankle and I was just doing the laundry ( another story for another time ). So not working out to prevent injuries is just stupid.
The thing is with grippers is that they are not progressive. I can't accurately quantify progress
because the next step up is so much heavier than the one before. I resorted to super-high intensity programs, like forced negatives and extended ROM. This appearantly is the most effective way because crush grip is mostly tendon strength, ( according to grip god David Horne ). The problem with that is that I'm not 20 anymore. And I'll never be 20 again. My tendons aren't what they used to be!

I'm totally thrilled with a 5 lb increase on my bench or squat compared to the previous week.


Becaue it's a measurable improvement. I can calculate what this means. 5 pound improvement x 10 or 20 or 100 = a shitload of strength.

I've decided to do one heavy and on light day a week with grippers and one pinch day for thumb work.

Im doing heavy day with squats and light day with DL. Pinch on bench day. I'll use very few high intensity techniques. Mostly I'll just practice the grippers.

My clone and my little princess.

This is literally how I spend about 4-5 hours a day.

being silly.

I said something weird, she responded appropriately.

My sanctuary

My grip stuff, CoC 1,2,3 BBSM ( with the black spiring ) pony clamp to train pinch, home made rolling thunder type device + home made loading pin. ( thanks dad, your a genius with that welder )

My bench, ( my camera woouldn't get the pic in my dark garage ). Too padded and too tall. But If I get strong in an imperfect enviroment, when the enviroment gets better............

My alltime favorite fitness equipment period. 88,70,53,44. Being really strong in the bench or squat is totally cool. totally addictive, but the C&P, side press, and swing, all in high volume, could turn a person into a super person I think.

My JS bands hooked over my pullup bar, purple 50 lbs, red 25 lbs. Using them as pullup assistance has almost gotten me to where I can do a full dead hang tactical pullup at 275 lbs.
I'm going to start using thm for 2 hand swing once a week as a DL assistance move :-)

My bag, and my cage in my garage. I was so hapy to finally get one of my own. If I could do everything over again when I got my first real job ( fast food UGH ) I would have saved a few checks up and got a real PL cage and bar. I got this on because it has a hi/lo pulley. I would recomend just getting a regular cage and a hi/lo machine seperately. I really need the space in the cage!!
BUT, I still love having it in my garage. :-)

Of course now I want a Beast, another Bulldog, Powerblock dumbell set, full double sets of JS bands, an Apollon axle bar, a cambered bar for good mornings, more 45 lb plates, a good PL bar an adjustable box ( I'm going to ask for this for my B-day next month )................................and who knows what the hell else. LOL Guess I'm addicted now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh yeah babey, another great one in the bank chest/back heavy day

205x1 ( all sets of 205 were 200 last week )
205x2 ( finished stronger than last week both reps felt strong )
190x1 ( felt light after 205 )
190x3 ( extra rep over last week with no problem )
Placed the pinkie or ring finger on the rings not the index or middle finger, felt my tri's instantly.

Back. Barbell bent-over row, same grip as bench and pulled to the same place on sternum as bench.

205x3 singles off pins 3-4 seconds rest between reps, much harder this way

I went ahead and really tried to get the form down on bench, I wanted to make it like it was a flat bench that felt like a decline bench. Helped some.

Forgot how damn much I like wide BB bent over row. Lat pulldowns are a shitty way to work the back, chins, pullups, rows, and snatches babey.

Watched about 100 bench videos today and yesterday, I noticed that most of the guys tah can bench pull themselves up to the bar then get in the arch. I tried it, what do you know I got a bigger arch. Cool.

Post script
it's about 15- 20 minutes after I posted the other stuff. I'm having a little D.O.N. Delayed Onset Nausea. LOL. I forgot to add. I got ripped off on my bench and rack, I paid WAY too much for it, I should have gotten a good rack and flat bench and saved enough money for a good bar. But when I got it I was interested in bodybuilding only. I'm embarassed to even admit to such blasphemey.
I really don't have the cash to spare for a new good bench, but I hate excuses too. So I used a little American ingnuity, I picked up 2 cinder blocks for about 3 bucks and placed them beside my bench. VIOLA, I have a place to put my feet to arch off of!!


Hey I just noticed something reviewing my food/workout logs.
Last heavy bench day I had a COMPLETELY unexpected kiskass session. April 11, on April 10 I consumed 20% more protien that I had planned.
Data rocks.


I just watched a PL meet held inside a supermax prison. The inmates were competing. Discovery channel aired it.
I'm just blown away, They only showed the DL portion, but needless to say it's obviously raw. A lot of guys going over 500 several over 600 and one failed attempt at 675.

I can't help but wonder about the risk/reward ratio though. How does having a 650 deadlifter who also happens to be doing life for rape and murder help the guards???

time to go train

food log

running total will update as the day goes on

3 eggs
3 slices bacon
clove garlic
3 cups diced spinach
bacon 471 calories ( used the fat to cook the spinach and eggs )
30 grams protien
eggs 233 calories
protien 19 grams
704 calories
50 grams protien

This is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite meals, espexcially with the Tillimook sharp cheddar. Awesome.

I like the running total it lets me adjust to variables as the day goes on. I was freakin' HUNGRY this am. So I made a big breakfast with mucho spinach. It will take the edge of for the rest of the day. I have already learned this. PLUS this is flavorfull, it doesn't feel like dieting. I just need to do high protien low fat for the rest of the day, easy.

Protien shake
260 calories 55 grams protien
80z ground bison, 3 oz pepperjack cheese
730 calories 55 grams protien

totall so far 1694 calories
169 grams protien

1 more shake today and I'll be perfect yeehaw.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

food log

4 eggs
310 calories 25 grams protien
3 cups spinach
2 oz cheese
275 calories 17 grams protien
1 protien shake w/ flaxseed meal
55 grams protien
400 calories
16 oz porterhouse
1492 calories
102 grams protien
2477 calories
199 grams protien

477 calories over planned intake, but damn was that steak good!!

Anabolic diet

So Friday morning I was 275.2 lbs I was content with this, happy actually.I carbed up onthe weekend and felt full and towards the end of the weekend a little bloated. I made the mistake of weighing myself over the weekend 281 and change. I was not happy, funny how those numbers mean so much.
I was proud of myself I didn't freak out and cut my calories. Monday I ate perfectly and peed the whole damn day, and night. 274.2 today funny how those numbers mean so much........

Ah, I get it

So I was trying to figure out why the old classic PL split was monday squat wed bench fri deadlift sat light bench. It seemed like chest was getting hit twice a week quads once and hammies once.
I mean shouldn't you have on heavy and one light day for squat ( quads ) and the same for hammies.
Judging by where I'm sore at today the power squat is a hammies, glute, and HIP excersize with some quad activation to boot. DL are mostly posterior chain so in a way it is a light and heavy day. The world is in order, everything is alright now. ( the things I obssese on sheesh!! )

Monday, April 16, 2007

Know what I don't understand?

How does squats hit the biceps so hard, LOL.

food log

4 eggs
310 calories 25 grams protien
3 cups spinach
4 oz cheese
451 calories 35 grams protien
2 protien shakes w/flaxseed meal
800 calories 110 grams protien
8 oz chicken w/2 tablespoons oil
474 calories 70 grams protien
1/4 head of cabbage
2035 calories, 240 grams protien.
After eating stuff like way too much bread and other simple carbs this weekend without enough protien I was RAVENOUS, I could have eaten twice this much easily.
Very proud of today.

F U C K I N' A

I put the saftey pins in at 195, they were too high, I hit them with my little finger caught in between the right one and the bar. I didn't know I could reverse direction so fast. no harm done though I was doing the negative slowly. re racked dropped the pins did 3. 3+1=4

Got the position right on my back, funny thing is I always used a towel or pad or manta ray before to minimize discomfort, with the exception of the manta ray this is the most comfortable way to squat there is. Virtually no pain at all. Hand position is better but I still have to monkey with it when I stand up and re-rack. more stretching required!!

Big revelation!!! my weakness is my hips, below paralell my strength DROPS big time. Scary fast in fact. I'll be going down under controll easily 250 was no problem, I'll hit a point and alomost panic it starts getting heavy FAST man. I forced myself to go to this point and rely on the fact I had saftey pins. How the hell does squats hit the adductors so damn hard( or abductors wich ever ones move a limb toward the body ). ouchy. Squat are still one of my favorite things. next monday I'm going to do grippers between sets!!

wanted to do more but my abs were strangly tired :-)
double windmill
70 on top 88 on bottom
2 singles each side.
I feel it

10x10 with the 70

I decided to use the 70 to strengthen the hips more. I wanted to do 150 but that wasn't going to happen.

damn I feel fuckin' alive!

Gym jones and carb weekends

This weekends "carb loading" ran amuck.
only had 4 beers all weekend, they actually made me sick. WEIRD for me.
Too much crap carbs though, not enough good ones, and way to little protien.

Then I read David Whitley's repost of Mark Twights take on the the critisism of the actors of 300 physical transformations.

After the kids get home from school today Squats, abs, swings. I'm gunna put myself through hell. I'm looking forward to it.


Friday, April 13, 2007

workout post

Deadlifted today up to a heavy single.
345x1 this was a serious grind.

JS bands over the bar -75 lbs off the pullups
5x5 220ish

Back is pumped. feels awesome.

5 years to gain about between 40-50% more strength in the big three.
I wanna hit 1500 by my 40th B-day

A gentle reminder that mother nature can bite.

weight post

Going to weigh myself on Friday mornings
goal under 200

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am the chumscrubber...............

Lyndsey helping me toget in shape!

food log
3 eggs
6 oz cheese
8 oz chicken breast
1/4 head cabbage
4 oz ground beef
1 glass wine
1729 calories so far, wine had 5.5 grams of carbs surprisingly.
PT shake before bed.
Tommorrow carb day!!!!

The carbs from the chocolte milk last night is making my muscles feel FULL.
I also feel strong today. If I ever get the anabolic diet mastered I will probably arrange it so squat day is on Sat. to take advantage of that.

I poured a second glass of wine to drink but Lyndsey ended up knocking it over, thus cutting my alcohol intake by 1/2. Kinda funny actually

PT shake w/ flawxseed meal. 400 calories.
2129 calories.

Yup. I'm sore today.

I'm not 20 anymore. I am by no means old, but I'm not 20 either.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where the hell did this come from???

Been sick as hell the last 2 days. I always am at the start of allergy season. plus I have a bad cold. Everyone does at the moment. Food intake has been shit today. not because I ate bad, I just didn't feel like eating. I'll down a couple protien drinks over the next couple hours to try to up my calories. I also got about 3 hours sleep last night.

Barb wanted to go workout so I went with her, 60 swings sets of 15 maybe 1/2 mile of jogging. As usual she increases in cardio every time she goes out, pretty soon she'll be doing sets of 50 or 100 swings.
I should be pooped. I started benching with just a lamp in the garage with the kids running in and out. I SHOULD have had a shitty workout. instead I had a great one WTF. But hey I ain't complaining at all.


Based my numbers on a 230lb max bench from the russian sets and reps for power part of BB.

I am going to pull for one heavy single for DL on fri morning so I can base my % on it. Freakin cool.

food log to follow

crappy nutrition day
3 eggs
2 oz cheese
some stir fried veggies barb made. damn good. maybe 1/2 cup
protien shake with chocolate milk and PB
only put the milk and peanut butter in there to up the calories a little
I'll figure out the calories in the am.

I feel really weird right now, I'm physically exhausted but those low rep heavy sets did something to me. I'm wired at the same time too.

AM training, gotta just get up before the kids and do it in the mornings and be wired in the day not at 11pm.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

food log

2 protien shakes w/ flaxseed meal
4 eggs soft bolied
chicken breast 8 oz pan roasted
5 slices cheese
cabbage 1/4 head

242 grams of protien, 2036 calories

Yesterday's diet was perfect learned something about squats

I wanted to post. I planned on it, but I layed down with Ryan to get him to sleep and I went night-night. Poor little guy was a tired 5 year old emotional mess. He was so sad that the other kidshad their friends over and nobody played with him. School and his own friends are going to be great for him. He is so loving, kind and social.

food log for 4-9-07
2 protien shakes w/ flaxseed meal
800 calories 110 grams of protien ( I like the blended protien it seriously curbs my hunger )
3 eggs hard bolied
233 calories 19 grams protien
chicken breast 8 oz pan roasted
calories 375 70 grams protien
5 slices cheese
550 calories 35 grams protien
cabbage 1/2 head
1958 calories
234 grams of protien

I felt GOOD. plus I'm down about 4-5 lbs since I started keeping my food log

When I look at stuff like bacon, cheese, and eggs and oil it feels like I should feel bloated but without processed grains and sugars I don't at all. Cool.

I figured out one of my problems with squats. Shoulder flexibility. I can do highbar ( or at least what I think is highbar ) but my shoulders aren't flexible enough to get the bar on my rear delts without almost grabbing the very outside of the bar. That's fine, except that's where the supports are on my squat rack. I'm only a few inches off either way, I just need to get the bar and some light weight and stretch untill I am flexible enough. I didn't go heavy at all yesterday, I didn't even get a workout in. I feel like I should squat again today, maybe I will. I also figured I am going to add pullups on my squat and DL day to decompress the spine.

I can ALMOST do a full dead hang tactical pullup now at 275 lbs. the first time I tried I could BARELY get out of the dead hang position. Pulldowns did nothing for my pullup strength. I got some JS bands hooked them over the bar and did assisted pullups and VIOLA I'm almost there!!
When I drop a few more lbs and get a little stronger I'll be there!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007


didn't post my food log yesterday, and I was proud too. it was easter and I didn't have a single bite of easter candy. one halloween i rememeber being about the only one who munched on a HYUUGE bowl of candy. I polished it off in a week. I don't even like candy.

Ate 3 meals yesterday, was trying for 5 smaller ones.

3 eggs
2 slices cheese
2 teaspoons oil
2 slices bacon

protien shake with 4 tablespoons flaxseed meal

8 oz lean hamburger meat, 1 slice of cheese, 1/4 head of cabbage

Totall calories 1635 way to damn low. I was just busy and didn't want to cheat. protien shake + flaxseed meal is way freakin easy to make and it's about 400 calories. No wonder I was freakin hungry even with the cabbage.
140 grams of protien.

Going just from past experience if I eat this few calories and protien I shoot myself in the foot. at least I know that. The funny thing is the last protien shake would have been the right anount of calories and protien.

BUT, I didn't eatany candy, so I can't beat myself up.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Freakin' cool ass Sunday.

First of all, everyone sit down for this one, Barb swung a kettlebell!! LOL. We had fun. She loves jogging, it is her zen. And she is good at it, just keeps going and going, energizer bunny eat your heart out. She used to jog at a nice slow comfortable pace and every time she went out she went farther. She progressed from around the block to 3 miles really really fast. She has been talking about working out again and asked me for advice. This is a slippery road for me to walk on. She asked me to make a program for her to follow, this is steep slippery path littered with pitfalls. We have had some fights because I haven't listened to her in the past. Typical guy behavior. She really doesn't want to strength train per se. Although she is becoming more open to the idea. She wants to bike, jog and stuff like that, she got discouraged last time she did it because she lost very little weight, but when she went to the gym she dropped 13 lbs in one month ( nad gained a pound of muscle if I remember right ). Weights burn the calories. But this time I listened to her, she wants to jog or bike.I suggested like a DOE manmaker or HOC format. swing the KB jog around the track, swing/jog swing/jog ect. We just got back from the track, I brought my 53 lb'r along and did it with her for support although between my ankle and my weight and my sore legs I didn't really jog that much. It felt really good to do even a little though. My legs needed the stretch and bloodflow.
Turns out she had fun. we set the kbs in the field in the middle of the track and started jogging ( jog/walk for me ). when we reached the halfway point we would jog to the KB's and do 10 swings. we did 1/2 mile and 40 swings all together. I let her tell me when she had enough. I tried to show her a clean and push press just to balance out the swings. she said it was too much to learn in one day. And you know what, I listened. Life is good. 4 x 10 swings the first time somebody touches a KB is damn good too. She said that format was funner than just jogging ( more intense too LOL ) cause you weren't doing the same thing over and over again. She asked me how much to do I said take your time, as long as you need, work up to 2 miles and higher reps sets then try to beat your times. Nobody judging her, no meatheads in the gym not reracking the weights, no trainers not helping her because they were trying to get laid.

I think she got turned off by "strength training" because of bad gym ettiquite. College meatheads that would leave 4 plates a side on the squat rack and she couldn't unload it. Plus when she had a question about a machine or form the trainers ( meatheads themselves) wouldn't take the time to help a girl unless they were 20, blonde, and dumb as a box of rocks. Makes me realize how much shit women put up with in a day. It's a tragedy too, Barbs favorite move was the squat. and she would do set after set. she was way more hardcore than the cardio bunnies there and she got dissed. If she sets her mind to something she just does it. and she freakin pushed herself too.
Now we have a powercage and KB's. She can workout at her own pace with no meatheads around.

Turns out I learned something too, well reafirmed something too. Throwing around the big bells is cool, but I can actually get more speed and power from the 53. speed x mass. swinging the bulldog is SLOW. I need to be much stronger to swing the big bells to get the benifits they offer.

I had a wonderfull time with my wife. Days like these are what I live for.

Yesterday's food log/workout log

I didn't get home till after 11 last night and didn't blog. No excuse though it would have takenme 10 minutes.

Light bench/heavy swings
135 x 5
175 x 5
135 x 5
175 x 5
135 x 5

swings( 53 x 10 70 x 10 88 x 10 ) x 4

not so sure heavy swings are a good idea the day after DL, might have to go heavy bench/heavy swings light bench/light swings

Food log
chicken breast
1/4 head of cabbage
can of soup
At Victoria's B-day party
piece of cake, scoop of ice cream
3 light beers
protein shake w/ flaxseed meal
Piece of really good homemade chicken pot pie type stuff, freakin' good.

Not enough protien yesterday.

Do you believe in numerology, I don't, but I can make a strong case for it.

My best friend of over 17 years was born 24 days after me, so we are basically the same age. His daughter was born 4 days after mine, so our daughters are the same age, we got married at seperate times but it turns out our wives have the same birthday. FAREEKY.
Pat if you read this we had a great time last night, Victoria is growing into a cutie, get a shotgun. The boys will be calling before you know it. That's going to kill me with Cheyenne I think. Maybe I'll just home school her. LOL. Not really.
You know though, I'm sure you get protective too about her.

Friday, April 06, 2007


I don't even know what to say.
Over 800 raw squat.

Rif like you said good thing speed is not important at all.

Cool montage.

Workout log/food log

135 x 3
185 x 3

(255 x 3, 300 x 3) x 2

300 x 1

changed grip every rep

Next friday I may have the money to buy 2 45's then I'll be able to use 315 for reps on the DL.

Food log
1 beer today with lunch
1 glass of wine with dinner

I'm proud of this, I coulda drank more. But what the hell else is knew. Plus it,s on my carb days so it's allowed. not like Wednesday. LOL

2 protien shakes w/ flaxseed meal
320 calories
chicken breast with pasta, chicken breast cooked in 2 tablespoons of oil.
pasta sauce
grilled cheese on whole wheat
1/2 head cabbage
1 litle debbie star cake ( as usuall highly processed sugars make me fel like crap, so why the hell did I eat it )

2373 totall calories. Man did I think it was going to be higher!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


100% raw federation
198 lb class raw elite total 1471
198 lb class raw IV total 810

OK then first goal is to hit 810, then get it in competition, 1471 looks FREAKIN' scary to me. Guess that's why they have different classes so you can give yourself attainable goals and work your way up.

food log

carbs too high today.
weird weird weird I have had 0 appetite today, I mean none.
I've had to force myself to eat, although I have an extreme craving for milk.
So far

Protien shake
3 strips bacon
7 cups of spinach
2 cloves garlic
chicken breast ( 8 oz )
4 cups whole milk

bacon, garlic, spinach were stir fry.
Important cooking tip. When flavoring with bacon, SALT is not required!

heavy bench/ light kb day

Worked singles up to 225 x 1
( funny stuff I jumped from 135 to 175 only I WAS MISSING A 10 ONE ONE SIDE, actually I take that back it wasn't funny at all.)
10x10 swings with the 53

My most recent record a year or so ago was 225 x 5 I was testing out pttp and I just walked in the gargage and knocked out 2 sets of bench pttp style 5 days a week

225 isn't much BUT I'm happy for 4 reasons.
1) It had fallen back to like 175 x 1 before ETK, yup that's right 175 lbs, so I put 5o lbs on my bench only doing overhead lifts. this makes me thrilled.

2) I messed around and found a groove I can work with, this alone excites me to no end. I arched hard and felt like I took a mile off my bench. Didn't feel my shoulders at all( of course it's still light weight too )

3) my bench is from body solid. it sucks. over padded and it is a combo bench. they designed it so it could be a decline bench too. the problem is that it's so high off the ground. no leg drive at all, I can only arch by putting my feet FORWARD on the little cheap sittup bar attachment.
I'm going to buy a couple of cinderblocks to place on the floor either side of the bench untill I can afford a real one. So this should be a higher number after I get some leg drive

4) It wasn't a true max, just a grind and not that bad of one. It was as close to a max as I wanted to do in my garage whithout a spotter ( saftey pins though )

I bet I'm good for 15-20 lbs more just with leg drive and form work :-)
Now I have a calculation to base my percentages on,I'm going to do the same thing with squat next monday. DL I need more weights. 2 more 45's for right now, then I'll pull to a single and base my percentages off that.

Hey this stuff is a lot funner when your trying for strength than pure hypertrophy. Imagine that!!

food log to follow, doing great today.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Begining pic.

Crappy cell phone pic, bad lighting. Just wanted to post for future referance.
Damn seeing yourself in a pic sucks. I'm 279 here I was over 300. That belly has go to go.

food log

I have to keep a running total since I don't have my little notepad right now

3 eggs
1/4 head of red cabbage
clove of garlic
fat of 2 bacon strips

My irish-ness is quite happy with the red cabage cooked in meat fat LOL
seriously though, I'm stuffed. Cool.

protien shake w/ flaxseed meal

Alcohol x a lot. I mean alot. No idea what calories were involved. missed scheduled bench day too. will make it up on thur. hungover or not.

New info. cheese pizza x 7 or 8 big ass slices at least. 6000-7000 total calories estimated.

workout post

snatches with the 88 lb kettlebell
10 sets of 3
5L 5R

3 min. between sets, already feeling it. LOL

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

True food log day 1

woke up late. 3 slices cheese for breakfast
later egg omelet 2 tblsn oil 3 eggs 2 slices cheese
1031 calories 1/2 of my calorie allotment is gone and 1/4 of my protein allotment is spoken for. high protien low fat for the rest of the day

protein shake 260 calories
1291 calories so far
110 grams of protien down the hatch

just added pan roasted chiken 300 calories 50 grams protien

running total 1591 cal.
160 grams of protien

5 slices of cheese
2 protein shakes
2 tablespoons of oil
2001 calories
215 grams of protein

I feel light, good.
maybe this food log will keep me on track!

I am going to do somthing I fucking deplore.

Keep a food log, an honest one. Shit-mother fucking-damn-hell-piss fuck-shit-fuck-fuck-crap I hate the sound of that. I don't want to be held accountable for what I eat, ESPECIALLY to myself.shit shit shit.
Tracy it's all your fault with that "Letting Go" post.

Here is what I have to let go. I am utterly terrified of loosing any muscle. not even a pound or an ounce. I am no where near where I want to be in that departament. And this mentality is stupid Kara Bohigan is way damn stronger than me and she weighs 148 lbs I believe. And she is a she wich really doesn't mean anything anymore but still...........

I'm going to put it all down, weekend carb loads gone bad, alcohol, snaks, fuck ups, candy bars, french fries everything. I'm going to buy a little notepad and put everything down and log it at the end of every day forthe entire damn world to see. And the I am going to weight myself every friday morning and post that too starting the 13th.

I would rather show up to a Black Panthers meeting in a KKK uniform that do this, but I'm fucking disgusted with being fat, and spinning my wheels.

Yesterday as far as I can remember

3 packages of nutter butter bars
Jack-in-the-box ultimate cheesburger meal with shake not soda
protien shake with flaxseed meal
3 slices tillimook cheese
can of soup cambells grilled sausage and something or another

The sad thing is that I could have, and have, EASILY doubled this volume of shit food.

Except for the protien shake, I like them and I like the nutty flavor of the flaxseed meal. Protien shakes make me feel good, always have.

this was supposed to be a no carb day, yeah fucking right.

Totall calories 4881, this wasn't even a pig out day, just a day when I ate when I was hungry without making good food choices. I felt like shit and was starving the whole day of course.

My goal through the week is 2000 calories 200 grams of protien and under 30 grams of carbs. Friday morning through Sunday night is carb load where calories don't matter as much. BUT they mostly need to be quality calories from good food. Plus I need to keep track of weight If I start gaining then the weekends need to reeled in. UGH UGH UGH.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Squat day

135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 2
185 x 3
225 x 2
Crap 225 is the most weight I've had on my back without a manta ray or pad or towel or saftey squat bar. It kept sliding down my back. I never got comfortable with it. CRAPPY. oh well the only way to change that is practice, practice practice. Can't wait untill wed not because its bench day but because I'm going to swing too!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Art work

No they aren't pot leaves LOL , they are elm leaves. When they are colored in it will be more appearant. It's a forest dragon, I'm going to have a tiger interacting with it on the other shoulder blade. It will have a forest theme whem I'm done.