Monday, December 10, 2007


Something you shouldn't do even if you can do them. The 400 swing just about crippled me. My hammies and traps are STILL sore................

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Had a serious headache yesterday

Felt like throwing up. I Just benched and did some face fulls

bench 205 6x2
face pulls 5x20 blue band ( got a damn good trap and bicep pump lol )

well today I was feeling guilty about not swinging and I was feeling better so I swung.

1-20-1 2 hand with bulldog HUGE Pr for me. 400 swings. Took 93 minutes.
17.6 tons of work. Kettlebells babey!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

workout post

Squat 205 8x3 1.5 minutes rest between sets, enforced with gymboss.
VO2 max 20 rounds 160 snatches, then 24 sets of 10 all done with 35. i learned something today towards the end of the workout, I was trying to snatch the 35 like it was an 88. Only breathing out at the top to keep up IAP. I stopped doing that and I had much more endurance. The 35 is so light I can breathe as I need to to get the reps.

One more reason heavy swings are a good idea, I don't want to loose the skill of keeping my abs tense under load.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

healthy comfort food

I'm figuring out healthy cooking better and better.

Soup today.

Took a few big cans of tomato sauce ( looked for the stuff with no added sugar ) added a few cans of diced tomatoes that had green chilies in them. Added 4 big chicken breasts and some water and started simmering. Chopped up a bag of organic celery and carrots threw them in the pot. Garlic, Italian seasoning, S&P, onion powder and red pepper flakes to taste. total prep time like 15 minutes. Simmered 4 hours.
Damned tasty, and it's 60 degrees and raining here. I just sat on the front porch and enjoyed a large guilt free bowl while watching the ran. Perfect.

I won't have a computer for another week or so

But I had to blog about this....

Did Vo2 max after light bench today, got 20 rounds like always then started sucking wind like a asmathic mule having and allergy fit. I put the bell down disgusted and walked back in the house. Then I had an epiphany. If i'm working towards 400 snatches why not just do 400, i finished off the rest of the 240 snatches in sest of 10 with mucho rest in between. It all felt really really good. Like a sprint to start the workout then a jog/walk to finish it off.

so Mon and Sat are going to be VO2 max as many rounds as i can get and then finish off the workouts till 400 snatches. Wednesday will be 2 hand swing ladders as I'm really starting to like these.