Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the saddle........sorta

Ok it's been a while since I last blogged. As always in life both good and bad things have happened in the interim.

I aced all my pre-reqs for nursing school, aced the nursing entrance test and then couldn't get financing for school. It was a private nursing school and the requirements for financing were a hell of a lot more stringent. So I wasted several months for nuttin'.

Must have taken it harder than I thought too, started drinking a lot and didn't work out. I was doing pretty damn good to with the contest with Christine Petty. I was down to the low 250's or high 240'S I don't remember the exact weight.

So fast forward to know. I was going to start all my pre reqs over the traditional way this semester, but I'll have to start next semester.

Thats the bad shit. The good stuff is that Barb isn't drinking at all I have cut way back and really need to just stop, but I have cut WAY back. I have a really good job in a doctors office, it's cush. Me and Barb are doing one hell of a lot better, alcohol is just so destructive sometimes.

I used to have all these really lofty workout goals, now I just have 2. Maybe that will change.

One: don't put any carbs in my mouth for 6 months, Two: do kettlebell circuits at least 3 times a week.

I sat down and worked out a pretty lofty circuit for my fitness level or more accurately my lack of fitness level. I made it through one circuit. and it was rough.

Todays workout.

bodyweight 287.4

53 lb kettlebell

Swing 4/4
Sumo dl 8
Clean 4/4
Push Press 4/4
Snatch 4/4
Front Squat with KB held on chest 8
Bent over row 4/4
Jerk 4/4
Good Morning 8
2 Hand Swing 8

Heart beat had to be approaching 200.

And of course I felt amazing for an hour afterward.

80 reps with out putting the bell down, this was rough, I was really surprised I made it through.

Of course I'll attempt to add rounds and reps and then weight ala a heavier kettlebell.

Peace out for know.