Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tire sledges and kettlebells.......oh my

Worked out yesterday, couldn't post but
bulldog 2 hand swing
heavy bag
5 rounds

16 minutes

Also got me a tractor tire and a sledgehammer, set up a little circuit in my backyard.
Still sore from Wed. so it will be tommorrow when I do a full workout out there!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Found a place to get a tractor tire

To do some flips with.
I had trouble because appearently some peolpe recycle them for money and wanted me to pay foe them.
But I finally found a place ( or yard manager rather ) that will be willing to donate one to the "Remove Fat from Royces Ass" charity. This is probably because nobody likes plumbers crack!!!!

Peace Ya'll

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mental toughness day

Hell yes, I did it today.

5 rounds of
10/10 snatches with the 44 lbr
heavy bag work

22 minutes

I absolutely did not fucking feel like training today, Cheyenne kept me up 'till 3 am and she woke up at 8 am. But the reason she kept me up is I haven't seen her much in the last week or so and she didn't want to go to sleep and not be with me. She kept saying "Miss you Dad". So I couldn't be upset at her at all ( plus I missed her too ).

Training kicked my ass, felt light headed afterwards, but I bought some milk and drank that and felt much better.

Rock and Roll everybody, next workout day is Wed. and I am looking for a heavy tire to add into the mix..............

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Workout post

First and foremost, I CLOSED THE IM #2 YESTERDAY, none assisted. Hell yeah!!!!!

OK I am going to get better at posting my workouts. I only get sporadic access to the internet now and it will be that way for a while but I will post what I can.

And I workout harder when I know somebody is watching too!!

Monday I am getting back on a regular schedule, period!!

My food intake has been great, no fridge at the house, no temptation to sneak in and snack. All my clothes are looser, I am going to wait a while to weigh myself to be surprised!!

peace ya'll

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gunna' eat me some bluegill tonight

At my folks house today for a fishfry. I haven't had bluegill in 25 or 26 years. And I still remember what they taste like!!
My pop made a trip to Arkansas and brought a whole mess of them back!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

So back down in Phoenix

Well I don't know where to start.
First of all we are back down in Phoenix and Barb and the kids are staying at her moms while I try to get the house ready to move into.
Some nights I sleep in the car, some nights at my parents house and some nights I just put a pillow on the floor at our house and sleep on the concrete.

Now don't worry everything is fine with me and Barb, better than fine actually.

But my bitch mother-in-law accused me of beating the kids and I decided I would live in a fucking ditch and eat grasshoppers before I would step foot in her house again, and I have slept in worse place for reasons way less important than this.

On to the good stuff in life. I worked out today in the garage wich I haven't done in a while.
Grabbed my 44 lb KB and did several reps of clean-front squat-push press each side for a few sets with very little rest between sets. Then with as little rest as possible I did several sets of snatches, swings, windmills, around the body passes and figure 8's. I was dripping sweat and sucking wind big time!!!

Ok a little history if anybody that reads this is into "functional strength" you know that isolation work is frowned upon since in real life we never isolate any one muscle group when moving.

So direct bicep/tricep work is not done, but goddamnit big arms are cool. so I marched over to the rack and did supersets of close grip pushdowns and barbell curls, so there. And it was all in the name of vanity, neener neener neener......

Put a hose clamp on my #2 CoC gripper down to parallel and closed it with both hands, felt like I was going to shit little green monkeys I was so happy.

that is about it I guess, peace out ya'll