Thursday, March 30, 2006

Drunk animals

OK here is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.
Pretty sure I don't want to be there when the "barfight" starts.
crazy stuff


OK one of the reasons I have been working out is fear, I have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, an heart attacks.
Well, I was diagnoses with hypoglycemia, and recently I had some of the symptoms of diabetes ( but only once ).
Now comes the scary part for me, the first part of this week I was having pretty severe pain in my lower outside back right were my kidneys are.
4 possibilities I can think of.
1) diabetic symptoms, high blood sugar causes kidney infections and general kidney problems
2) high blood pressure causes kidney problems
3) I have been doing alot of weighted double windmills and it is muscular ( I will post pics so you can see what i am talking about).
4) this explination is a little vague but viable, when you stretch your midsection you put tension on your internal organs this is good, it helps you "wring out" toxins
this is part of the benifits of yoga and Qui-Gong. I just recently got to where I can go deep enough in the stretch to pick up the weight.
I really hope it is 3 or 4
My dear old mum has diabetes and DAMN do I not want it!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

friday workout

took a nap today and woke up to late to do full workout so here is what happened
front squat to military press 3x5
stiff leg deads 3x5
bent over row 3x5
swings 20/20 x 3
I have never done 40 swings in a row, man does it hurt so good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Strength as a Skill

So appearently strength is a skill, just like pool, throwing darts or playing horseshoes. It is all just Central Nervous System adaptation.
If you sucked at pool and wanted to get better what would you do. Play pool a lot!
Enter the concept Greasing the Groove, take your 6 rep max and do sets of three throughout the day, now this goes against everything I have ever been taught.
But then again there are 140 lb girls that are lifetime drug free and lift without gear ( bench shirts, deadlift suit ect ) that are stronger than I ever was at 280 lbs!
My worst lift ever is bench press. It is in the 200 range depending on how I feel that day.
So I am being a little conservative and doing sets of 155 throughout the day, I will test my 6 rep max ( between 165 and 175 ) on the third week of April, then readjust the weights or drop the practice, if it works, I will use it to get my bench up, switch to deadlift get my numbers up, and lastly squats ( I gain strength in my legs easy so I am not worried ).
If I loose strength..............ugh, I don't even want to think about it.
This is done on top of my three workouts a week, I just won't do anything for chest untill I drop the GTG sets.

Monday, March 20, 2006

sots press

Worked the sots press today, wich is a overhead press done from the full squat position. Very hard, very cool.
Dialing in my workouts more and more, funny thing is in one of my original KB manuels it describes a workout like I did today.
Crazy cool
sots press
bent over row
front squat
stiff legged deadlift
all done as circuit
3 times
did circuits at different times during day
2x3 double windmill
farmers walk 2x200'
10x10 swings
sweat pouring in ears and eyes

Sunday, March 19, 2006

prescription for happiness

gallon apple cider
cinnamon sticks
bring to vigerous boil
remove from heat
let steep 10 minutes
put 2-3 shots of aged rum in large glass ( appleton estates is good and less than 20 bucks a bottle )
add 2-3 ladles of spiced cider
sit out in the cold weather and enjoy

Northern AZ

Ok, so we went on our trip yesterday, and man did I have a good time.
First of all, the I-17 north was crowded because it was a holiday weekend, so I got off south of Lake Pleasant and went through Peoples Valley, Yarnell and Congress to get to Prescott. I haven't been that way in years, no traffic, none. And it is much prettier.
We stopped several times to let the kids play in the snow. So we got to Prescott, and it was beautiful, we went to the town square with the massive and really cool courthouse ( if you know me you realize that it must be pretty for me to say a courthouse is cool!!! ).
Well things didn't go perfect, Ryan tripped over the border of the sidewalk and fell face first into the concrete, skinned his forehead, knee, nose, and chin, and he got a HELLUVA bloody nose.
The thing about Ryan that you wouldn't know if you had not have met him is that he is one of the most sensitive little chaps I know. He will enthusiastically thank us just for changing his underwear, or for that matter for washing his clothes, or making him a PB&J sandwich. Last month he walked up to me and said " Dad you know waht I love about Cheyenne ( his little sister )?" I asked what. He paused deep in thought and looked at me with the most serious face he could muster, then broke into a HUGE radiant smile and said " Her heart."
So when he gets hurt I always expect it to hurt more on him, but I am always wrong.
The common joke around here is that he doesn't deal with pain like the rest of us, he is a tough little shit. I have seen him spin in cirlcle untill he can't stand up, fall running forward, crash his little noggin into the entertainment center, move the whole damn thing, stand up and say "OUCH," rub his little noggin and keep spinning. That would have knocked me out.
Back to the sidewalk incedent, I was in a building of shops next door going to the bathroom. I walk out to the van, and find Ryan covered in blood, Barb was a little freaked out, and the girls were yelling and crying. I felt my gut hit the floor when I looked at Ryan. I got the girls and Barb settled down. Barb took off Ryans coat, washed the rest of the blood off his face, and I had him come and sit on my lap.
I checked his teeth, nose, and face to see what was wrong.
Turns, out it was a bump on the nose, nothing broken or missing. So I sat with him for a second and asked it he was hurting anywhere, he said no, I asked why he was crying,( in a very sensitive fashion) he didn't know. I asked if all the blood scared him. He nodded his head and wimpered a little. So I told him that he was ok and it was a little bloody nose, and he was going to be fine. I asked him if he was a tough guy, he yes, we acted like we were boxing a little, I told him I loved him and we could go play in he wanted to. Huge radiant Ryan smile. We got everybody back out in the park and we proceded to play in the little piles of snow still left, and Ryan played with a little boy about his age for a while.
We hopped back in the van and headed for Jerome, and I missed the turnoff, we ended up going several miles farther north, the turning on a dirt road that went down to Clarkdale at the bottom of Jerome. It was about 30-40 mile to Clarkdale. and we could only average about 10 mph. The saving grace was the views, the road roughly paralleled the top of a HUGE mesa, sometimes dipping into the valley, sometimes several miles from the edge. I saw 2 other vehicles in the 3 1/2 hour drive, when we were away from the edge it was high plains or highlands forrest, we were between 3 and 5 thousand feet most of the time. Away from the edge we had amazing views of the distant mountains with clouds cooling and rolling over their crests like giant waves of cotton colored oceans. No pollution, no rank smell of the crowded city, giant crows everywhere, sunbeams breaking throught the storm laden clouds in the distant painted with all the colors of Gods easel.
But when we were close to the edge......thousands of feet down to the valley floor, hundreds of miles across, and not the nasty look of earth rape that looking over a large city produces, but like looking at your lover naked for the first time, Red Rock country off to the right, and the WHOLE ridgeline, not just a glimpse, and it only took up a little bit of the view. Ranches, cattle, entire rivers, ravines, fields, forrests, plateaus, and mountains waxed and waned almost by magic before my eyes as we dipped in and out of the valley. Almost like I was a suspended on the wing of a giant bird flying in and out of the valley. I often forgot where we were going and that I was even driving. There were seconds that seemed completely transcende earthly experience.
Ryan was terrified by the rocking of the van, so I did what I never do, and let him out of the carseat, no traffic, 10mph on a fast spot, and if we fell off the edge, they would never find us, there was nothing back there. I looked back one time to see what he thought, because he stoped making a sound, we were crossing a stretch of amazing views, all the other kids were bored. He had his little hands on the glass, he was up on his knees, he had an amazed, shocked look on his eyes, he transcended his earthly little existance right along with me. His eyes were huge and unblinking, so as to not miss a thing, but there was more, he always needs to experience one more thing, he always needs to do one more thing, and right then and there he was in complete contentment and ecstacy. His little face reflected what monks have searched for, for the whole existance of any kind of monk everywhere, peace, awe, happiness and the reflection of beauty.
I know every parent has moments where they are completely taken with their children, but I shared that moment with Ryan and him alone, he looked at me while i was looking at him and over his shoulder at the grandeur outside the window, we locked eyes for a split second with the same feeling in our hearts, we were the only people there for a microsecond. Then he said "DAD it is mucha wucha sucha hucha amazin bootiful." I could not agree more........

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy Green Beer day everyone, I had two Guinesses tonight with my lovely wife. It is a beautiful day here, getting up to about 74 degrees.
Me and the family are going up north for a drive tomorrow, can't wait, anything to get outta the vortex of hell I live in. We are going to get a couple of foam coolers and pack them full of turkey and pb&j sandwiches, some soda and water, and head for the snow. Ryan wants to build a snow castle. I can't wait to be somewhere with no buildings around, just TREES, snow, and nature. I don't know how to explain it, big cities make me.......claustrophobic........or something.
Any way, happy weekend, and everybody be safe tonight!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

twisted conditioning

I read two articles yesterday by Bud Jeffries, who is probably one of the strongest none pharmacueticaly altered humas alive. 900 lb full squats, 500 lb zercher squats ( where you hold the weight in your arms ) ect. ect.
His websight is, he defies all training logic, he has incredible endurance, incredible flexibility, power and limit strength, and has trained for and competed in Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Powerlifting, Strongman and who knows how many other things.
Oh yeah, he is at least 400 lbs, and can outlast most 200 bodybuilders in about any endurance event.
So I read 2 articles of his on his own take of condidtioning, you do limit strength lifts with Kb swings between sets non-stop.
Here is an example bench 3 reps of your 5 rep max bent over row same weight measurement. followed by 10-20 swings, work up to 10 sets non-stop, or 30-60 seconds between cycles, increase the reps, weight, #of swings or all three.
I deadlifted today
10 swings
60 seconds rest
10 swings
60-90 seconds rest
10 swings
5 minutes rest
farmers walk 2 44 lb KBs 2x200 feet.
OK Mr Jeffries is a evil, mad genius, I loved this format, I think I may have found my workout style for a little while, It would look like this
bent over row
thats one set
KB overhead press
Lat Pulldowns
one set
one set
I am going to set a weight and work for 10 sets of that weight supersetted with swings ( or snatches, or clean and jerks ).
I am going to rotate rep ranges, ballistics, time compression, and of course every 3 weeks take a back-off week to keep from overtrainng.
I did three sets today, so next fri. I am going for 4, we'll see.
4 goals all at once, conditioning, weight loss, limit strength increase, endurance under heavy duress.
And for Doggybloggy, as I will not be increasing my calories a whole lot, the best I can hope for is to maintain my muscle mass, when I am done dieting though......

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wrist pain

See now I took a day off in my training and my wrist already feels better, maybe one more day maybe two. If I would have pushed yesterday I would be a hurting unit today!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Walking is cool

So I have been having a little pain in my left wrist. I have worked through strains and injuries before, only to find out I shouldn't have. It hurts worse.
So I took a walk today, no agenda, no goal, just active recovery. Sun on my face, pleasent thoughts, cool day. was really nice. Nothing more to say, just a nice day.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


front squat 185x6
stiff leg deads 70x6
bench 155x6
pulldowns, supinated grip, 100x6
no rest between exercizes, done circuit style
3 minutes between circuits
4 circuits
everything performed as explosively as possible
DAMN, I'm gunna get sore, I have only done explosive PL type lifts a few times in my life
negative done normal speed, pause, contraction done fast.
3-4 circuits killed, deads stretched hammies well.
different speed =different fibers worked
still too fat, cardio aspect to hard, seeing spots today
I hate conditioning workouts, I hate being hungry, I want to powerlift, I want to do RKC, I want to be able to do one leg squats and weighted pullups.
I have to be at a lighter bodyweight to start though, so for now, conditioning and dieting........ugh

Rainy day

Man today all I want to do is sit out on the front porch and chill, it hasn't rained in 144 days here. ( Phoenix, Az. ) I what to make my hot cocoa adult beverage and just chill ( hot cocoa, pepermint scnapps, gound pepermint candy, and a little Baily's Irish Creme ), but Barb is at work, I gotta watch the kids, and I have this pesky workout thing to accomplish, ( front squats superseted w/ stiff legged deads, kb one leg calve raises, density style swings. ) .
Rain is forecast for the whole day, so maybe I can buy the ingredients for my drink, workout, eat super clean the whole day and tomorrow so a few beverages won't affect me. Then I can sit out on the porch and relax with Barb tonight.
The more I think about it, the more rewarding tonight sounds if I get up and get going I will truly feel like I deserve the chill time tonight.
I learned something about our lack of storms and rain the other day that saddened me, Phoenix and the metro area is expanding in a insane fashion. We get most storms and rain in the winter, or summer monsoons. As the Valley grows it sends up an ever increasingly strong heat plume ( sun warming ground and air close to ground then risisng ). The Valley has finally reached a cascade point where its growth will effect the weather in the valley, the heat plume is now strong enough to split all but the strongest storms and cause them to bypass the valley. One more reason why this city is the vortex of hell leading down to satans domain. ( I have 6 damn good reasons for staying though, my family.)
By the way for any of you out there who tend to over imbibe a little, before you go drinking, take a gram or 2 of a b-vitamin complex ( yes 2000 milligrams don't worry you will pee out what you don't need ). As I understand it, one of the evil metabolics of alcahol is acetylaldahyde ( spelling sucks ), it is largely responsible for hangovers, B vitamins bond to this nasty little chemical and you pee it out. Viola no hangover. Tip #2 drink as much water as you can stand right after or while you are drinking, and your second side effect causing hangovers is diminished, dehydration.
What ever the reason the B vitamins work like a charm, you will be a fully functional, responsible adult the day after you act like it is your 21st B-day.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

2 pood press

I did it today I pressed 2 poods or 72 lbs with each hand. I took a 25lb plate, a 2.5 lb plate a length of chain and a D clip and attached them to my 44 lb KB and got it overhead with my right arm, 3/4 with my left, tried about 1/2 hour later with my left and made it. YEEEHAWWW. Man is that heavy, my right lat cramped up while pressing on my left side, sore tomorrow I think.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

todays workout

density style snatches
3/3 on the minute
set 1-10 not bad, breathing hard by the end
11-20, HARD
21-25 sucking wind, lying on floor went to 2/2
26-30 seeing spots, side cramping, went to 1/1
30 minutes of delight
later in the day
ladder pushups 1,2,3,4,5 x3 45 pushups
killer workout with the snatches.

Iran & Bush, bad idea, And Iran ain't leaving.....

OK, so here we go again. Bush and his lackeys are trying to get Iran to stop their nuclear enrichment program. Fine. They are a member of the UN just like everybody else. Let the UN handle it, that is what they are for. Along with the International Atomic Energy Agency. If people don't already know, the UN can assemble a peacekeeping force to enforce it's mutual rules on non-compliant member nations.
The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world, if not by way of the military, at least by way our financial contributions. That puts us in a unique position, help the ever shrinking world community to work together to achieve mutual goals, or coerce the world community to do what we want. Bush does the latter. Period. Remember when Tony Blair was opposed to military action in the middle east.
What it comes down to is this, the US is not the police force for the UN, if that was the case then it would not be a nuetral agency. Bush went against the UN when he attacked Iraq. I actually saw the importance of going to Afghanastan to rid them of the Taliban. The US aided the Muhjahadin freedom fighters, supplied them with weapons and training to fight a 20 something year war of attrition against the Soviet Union. All in the name of fighting communisim. When the Soviet forces pulled out Afghanastan had no infrastructure, no jobs, no currency, no working power or water facilities, and guess what the US promised reparations if the country of Afghanastan would fight the Soviet occupation, we never delivered. People were dieing of malnutrition, infant mortality was 50% in some areas, opiate farming was the only real source of income the nation had. In moved the Taliban. Us going there was actually us keeping our promise to help them rebuild their country.
I was completely opposed to Iraq, however we ousted Saddam, the country celebrated the US enjoyed hero status in the middle east, unprecedented since th 1800's.
Then we had to go fuck it up by trying to bend their nations will to ours. It won't work. They have a different culture, different religion, different beliefs. We need help Iraq rebuild, finance moderate Iraqy poloitical orginizations, have a severely reduced military presence, the relationship between Iraq and the US cannot be forged in one year maybe not in one lifetime. It has to be one of respect and friendship. Financially beneficial to both.
Then when Iran threatens the US they will be alone, and the Middle East as a whole can put pressure on Iran to cease and desist, much more effective coming from a neighboring nation instead of military force.
OH YEAH, we need to get the FUCK outta' Isreal.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New workout concept ( for me anyway )

Been reading about density training!!!! Here goes new level of torture....YES!!!
tomorrows planned workout.
3 left 3 right
seems simple
Here is the kicker ( I am so excited like a kid in a candy store !!!! )
every minute do 6 snatches 3/3
rest the rest of the minute
start next set on the minute
go for 30 minutes
30 sets 180 reps in 30 minutes, bring a puke bag. YEEEHAWWWW
will post tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


There are very few days I don't mind living in Phoenix, I am not whining, but me and Phoenix just are not suited for each other. I know people migrate here for the weather, work opportunities, western lifestyle, burgeoning music scene ( wich I actually love ), ect.
However the summers here are torturous, and the summers last 8 months out of the year lol, although there are groups of liberall, forward thinking individuals, the city as a whole is completely conservative, violent crime is abundant, as is crime against personal property ie auto theft and home robberies. Phoenix and the metro area didn't plan well enough for the current influx of people ( who knew it would be one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the US ). So traffic is BAD. Although it is changing somewhat, Phoenix has a large population of migratory people, here for a couple of years and gone. Definately to many snowbirds. It tends to dampen or deaden any soul the city has. You can go to certian venues and feel the history ( although it is getting rarer because we keep tearing down historic buildings to open strip malls ). Where as if you got to Prescott, or San Fransisco you can feel the cities soul driving down the street.
Any way I could write a book on why this place is a vortex of negative energy, but then there are days like today.
The air is laden with moisture, it is about 66-67 degrees, lightly overcast, and beautiful, it is like slipping into bed when the covers and blanket are cold, just an amazing feeling. It reminds me of a San Diego morning, a light breeze blows fresh inspirations right down to your bones. I wish I could take the roof off the house and bask in the perfectness of today as I clean the house. There is now way I could not clean today, it feels like the first day of an Illinois spring, like a baby after a bath, like a newly bloomed field of wildflowers, it make me think all possibilities are open.
Within a 6-8 weeks it will be hellishly hot, hot enough to burn motivation right out of people, hot enough to have Gila monsters looking for shade, hot enough to make demons pant.
So right now I am going to enjoy today more than I have enjoyed any day in a long, long time. This is the kind of day where native Phoenicians walk outside, stretch, squint at the sky ( because you always squint here, just a reflex ) think about god knows what, mull it over a little while longer, and proclaim with all the philisophical bravado they can muster " Days like this is why we put up with the summers."