Thursday, August 30, 2007


The stew was good, wasn't great, but it was good. I'm missing somthing that I can't quite nail down. Here is the recipe, Tracy, Fawn or anyone that's a better cook than me feel free to respond.

1/2 head red cabbage
head of Fennel
1/2 red onion
6-7 cloves garlic
2 packages mushrooms ( baby Portobellos )
simmered untill almost tender
add 1.5 lbs of Lemon Morrocan sausage made from lamb. It's spicy and definately lemony. tasted awesome.
S&P to taste
Cook untill the sausage is done.
The spiciness of the sausage saved it, but it still tasted a little bland..

Ramblings of a sleep deprived dad.

'Bout 1:30 this morning I hear Cheyenne choking some. I instantly knew she was throwing up. It's weird how kids affect you. I am an extremely sound sleeper but the slightest noise from the next room jolts me awake if it's Ryan or Cheyenne. So Barb actually got up and took care of her ( thanks hon ). Barb has some time off before she starts her next job and I think she wants to see the kids as much as possible. So Barb got Chy Chy, and I moved Ryan to the couch in their room. Cheyenne was APPOLOGETIC. She looked like she was going to cry and said "Dad I frew up on da bed." Hit me like a stray baseball in the gut. Of course we told her it ok and she should not worry about it. She came in and layed down with us, she lays on my arm and wraps her arms and legs around my arm and hugs me with her whole body. I get that baseball sized impact in my gut again. Anyway she has a flu or something 'cause she throws up several more times through the night. So I'm tired. This morning Barb was going to the store I asked her to bring back some fruit cocktail. i don't know why this works but it does, if you sip the juice from the fruit cocktail syrup is totally settles your stomach. I woke her up gave her a teaspoon of syrup and a little glass of diluted Gatoraid, she has to be dehydrated ya' know. She stayed awake for a little bit, and I could totally tell when the liquids started making her feel better. She spontaeously started laughing, then she was kinda silly for a minute or two. Then she lay back down to go to sleep, right before she dozed off she said "Fank you dad, I wuv you." Baseball in the gut.

On the nutrition front I'm making some lamb sausage stew today with 2 of my favorite things. Fennel and red cabbage. It's an experimant, we'll see how it goes. Along with that, Whole Foods is fast becoming my favorite store. We used to have a Co-op here that sold only organic produce, been here for over 20 years. But Phoenix has a cancer. It's called commercialisim, it eats and destroys anything unique and amazing and poorly replicates the previous perfectly functioning buisiness into the same dank brown tumors growing from the earth. Strip malls and parking garages. And that is what happened to the co-op. So I started going to Sprouts and it was ok, but....eeeh....can't put my finger on it, but it's not my favorite place. Whole Foods on the other hand I love. I even love the ethics behind the scene. They purchase wind energy credits to replace their energy consumption for all their stores. Rad.
Well whole foods has a HUGE variety of cheeses, I lurves me some cheese. I try a different one every time we go, and lately I've been getting into soft cheeses. I guess it was bound to happen but I got a stinky cheese. I didn't know it was stinky cheeese. I open the package and cut off a piece and plop it in my mouth. I had the overwhelming sensation that I had shoved a hitch hikers sweaty toe in my mouth. Fuck me that was nasty. Then the ahem "aroma" hits me. Smell like somebody took their week old gym socks and put them in a compost pit. It went promptly in the trash and I brushed my teeth post haste. Now I'm cheeseless and that's not good.

Anyway I'm off to cook and swing today!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So weigh in day.

Weight 265.
I went backwards 7 lbs. This will not happen again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I tried, damn did I try.

335 swings @ 53lbs

between 60 and 120 seconds rest between sets.
17775 lbs.

When I was working landscape labor a 20 ton rock job would take 3 guys 3-5 hours. That was shoveling 20 tons of gravel into wheelbarrows and dropping it in the spots my boss would tell us. He would spread it out and place the river rocks in a pattern. There also were no acceleration forces involved. KBs can force a whole days work in an hour or less. I'm toast right now.

Mr. Whitley

Thanks for the kick in the pants. I needed that. I was a little irritated for a second when I read your response. But as I always say it only hurts if it's true. I have been thinking about my goals again.

There are 3 and in this order.
1) Drop bodyweight to 220 by Dec 1st. I already have an airtight plan to do it. Swings every other day untill I can put pressure on my thumbpad and bend my pinkie. Then the workout plan as written. This time I start over with the 70 and bust my freakin ass. No shitty nutrition.
2) Dec 2nd start a WSB inspired training program
3) Make raw elite in either 198 or 220 class.

Like you said anything that does not enhance these goals hurts them.

I'm going to punish myself tonight. 400 swings in whatever combination I need to get there.

Oh and by the way. Thanks.

Rif and Doug Nepodal got me inspired to post this.

Rif said he wanted a mustang and Doug is getting a jeep. One of the things I am SO looking forward to after I start working is building a hot rod. I don't care if it takes me 15 years. I'm building a 50 Merc hot rod!! I'm going to pick up a frame a nd chasis the year I graduate and start from there.


I took my stitches out a few days ago and my thumbpad seems to be knitting very well. I had a few scabs come off my pinkie so it's a tiny bit more mobile.
My ankle and knee just didn't tolerate sprinting. My bum ankle started swelling up again and my right knee started stinging on the inside. That damned ankle was the whole reason I got into KBs, no joint impact with a swing.
Last week while I had my stitches in I did swing, knocked out 10 sets of 10 ( pathetic I know ) with the 53 ( one and a half hand grip ). Did Aarons "four corners" visualization. That made a HUGE difference. I also took a cue from his blog and tried to keep my head extended and not looking up. I feel much stronger that way, but less stable in a way because when I swing I can't focus on one point to keep my balance. Interesting. Don't know wich method I'll use.
I was just kinda warming up when my thumbpad started hurting so I stoped. Of course now I feel like a big ole' pussy after I watched Louie Simmons talk about benching with a traecheotomy hole right out of the hospital.
My nutrition has been "ahem" a little off. Haven't been on any full blow binges or anything. They make me too sick, just little shit here and there. Good breakfast good lunch, the a PB&J or some stupid shit like that. Guess I was a little depressed about my stupid behavior and wanted comfort food ( Tracy guess I do use food sometimes ). But I feel sorta blah now. So today i'm back in the saddle. I know what foods make me feel energized and feel strong. Me thinks a trip to Whole Foods is in order.
And I'm going to swing again today tenetively planning 10 sets of 30 with the 53, one and a half hand grip of course.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Watching some GS vids.

I have no plans to do GS but I like watching their performances. It just strikes me how little difference there is between GS and HS. Check out the guy on the left. The top part of his clean is pretty explosive.

Good news for modern man.

I think ( extremely tenatively ) that by Friday next week I can start doing 2 hand swings again. I have to grip the bell with my thumb and 2 middle fingers on my right hand.
And use my left hand as the primary gripping device. That's good cause sprinting is hurting my knees, and it's kinda depressing not being able workout.

I gripped the bell ( light one, a 44 ) with a 2 hand grip. normal grip with left, hand and hooked my ring finger and middle finger over the handle. There was no stress at all on my thumbpad. I still cannot press or snatch because it puts pressure on my thumbpad. But I CAN SWING!!!

Later today me and the 53 and the gymboss are gunna have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sign me the hell up

Ok this is a unique product I found surfing the web. It is an electrolosis machine that breaks down water into it's two elemental components. Hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is the new "cool fuel" of the future. The problem is right now there is no "green" way to produce massive amounts of Hydrogen. There is no free lunch with energy ( unless it's nuclear ) If I use 1 kilowatt of electricity for electrolosis, I don't get 1 kilowatt of power from the hydrogen and oxygen produced. .7 kilowatts if I'm very lucky. And the energy used making the electricity was more than likely fossil fuels anyway. So I actually burn more fossil fuels if I use hydrogen to power my vehicle. Algea that produce hydrogen is one possibility as is molecularly constructing solar cells to improve thier effieciency.

This product seems like a helluva stepping stone though. You install it in your vehicle and the power system of your vehicle is used for electrolosis and the Hydrogen and Oxygen are directed into your combustion engine. Appearantly it greatly increases performance and gas mileage. The reason this works is the voltage needed to break down the bonds H2O into H and O is minimal and your car produces the power anyway. The alternator produces more power than is used by your vehicle.

As soon as I'm an RN I will have this product installed on my little Neon. If it works as well as advertised both of our cars will have it!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cleaning the house.

Doing the dishes actually hurts today, I have never liked housework, but it's never actually hurt before. LOL. As my wife so rightfully says. "Stupid should hurt."

That's where I made it through the windshield. I think that's the one that split my poor little pinkie to the bone.

I've always been heavy.

Even when I'm in shape I'm still heavy for my height. Consequently I don't like running. Jogging is OK at best, I enjoy walking. But actually running is yucky. Right now it's about all I can do, tying my shoelaces is hard, picking up a barbell or KB is out of the question. So today I did tempo runs about 75% percieved exertion with 2-3 minutes between sets. I'm actually making a point here, not just rambling. When I was at my heaviest I couldn't run. I don't know the exact physiological reason, maybe really tight hip flexors, combined with too much weight, and weak inflexible hammies, maybe. But I distinctly remember trying to beat a stoplight as it turned yellow. I took off as fast as I could across the street, and I couldn't RUN. It wasn't a matter of wind, I just was incapable of doing it. It was one of the most depressing moments of my life. Today I did tempo runs for over 1/2 an hour. Although I really dislike this type of workout and it's hard on the joints for me, it is a PR of sorts that really really means something to me. I was very emotional on the last set, runners high and the fact I just could do it. Power of the KB babey. I absolutely love those fucking orbs of pain

2-3 minutes ret between sets
75% percieved exertion

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This little tiny book from EFS

Has cleared up so much of my misconception about WSB training, and I can totally see where KBs should come into the picture. Sled dragging = swings, pull throughs could be snatches. I really really can't wait for my fucking hand to heal now. I have this badass Dynamic squat book too. It cleared up something for me too. WSB DE squat day % are based on your best 1rm in gear. If you're a raw squatter you should add 10% of your raw 1rm squat.
so 12x2 at 60%
10x2 at 65%
8x2 at 70%

I was trying to do either 2 distinctly different workouts, PL in the morning and DOC at night, wich burnt me out. or trying to get by on as little volume as I could lifting and really crank up the KBs.

Can't wait for the hand to heal up, damn I feel stupid.

Man I do not understand people sometimes

I never read the comments on youtube, just search through the vids. I am extremely bored right now so I decided to read through the comments. People are such assholes, there was a healthy level of respect in several comments. But there was a shitload of bickering about weather the weight was 792 or 799 or 800 or if the weight was real. And of course there was the ever present steriod debate. There was a bunch of people critisizing his very unique form. DAMN! Rewatch the video, that's almost 800 lbs raw for reps. That's AMAZING.

Got two books from EFS

Training Templates and Dynamic Squat Manuel. ( Thanks Christine, I'm sending yours today ).
I can't wait to train hard again. Pisses me off at myself!!

workout post ( monday )

SSB squats
225 3x3
6 x 100 yards- 3 minutes between sprints, surprisingly difficult.

Legs are sore today boy.
If Thorbecks had a powercage I would do SSB GMs on friday to try to keep my DL strength up, they don't. I'm not getting trapped under a bar doing GMs. So I'll just squat again on friday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Had to get up at 4:30 this morning

to get Barb to her new job. YEESH, I hate mornings. Actually getting up in the morning has a good side too. I get to be out before the rest of the world is awake, and before it gets really hot here. But I'm already tired.
After I take the kiddies to school I'm going to let Cheyenne go to grandma's house and I'm heading to Thorbecks. We'll see how this goes............

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Date night Friday

I took Barb to the new Bass Pro Shop that opened up in Mesa for our date. I can just hear the bloggerland womens comments now. Typical guy taking the wifey to a hunting and fishing shop. Let me explain my rational. This place is HUGE. So huge in fact it has a 16,000 foot resteraunt in it. A fish and seafood resteraunt that specializes in very fresh fish. Barb LOVES and I mean borders on obsession LOVES aquariums. The store has a 20 or 30 thousand gallon freshwater tank that is fed by a waterfall. It has among other things a 44 lb catfish and a 10 lb largemouth bass. The resteraunt has a 13,000 gallon reef tank.
She had no idea I was taking her there. And the food was really good.
I had a rare tuna steak covered in sesame seeds served with wasabi, she had a mahi mahi fillet served with a chardonay cream sauce. We both ate our fish and veggies. Both of us had a giant baked potatoe. We had agreed that this would be a cheat day. We both attempted to eat out potatoe but couldn't, it made both of us ill very shortly into it. Funny.

We then went to Sun Devil liquers it has a hidden beer and wine bar. We basically split a glass of wine. That didn't make us feel so swift either. So we called it a night. Barb is 168 down 15 lbs I am very proud of her. She even went to a salon and got her hair done before our date ( this is a huge deal, she hates salons ). Even on our cheat day our eating habits have changed. Heavy carbs just suck. although the last week hasn't been a good nutrition week for me, I'm back today. Went to Whole Foods and stocked up.

Anyway our date felt a LOT like our first one, nobody but me and her.

Tried to sprint Friday, made my hand hurt almost unbearably. Swinging it. And the attending at county gave me nothing for pain, and the attending the next day gave me 10 endocet. Yeah I'm giving up on trying to get something for pain. Motrin it is, although that doesn't really touch it.

I think I can still squat with SSB, so Monday I'm off to Thorbecks to squat, then going to the park to try to sprint again. Not being able to workout is depressing.

But I did have a helluva damn fine date with my wife.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I got my wife back.

It was August 2002 and I had just broken up with Diane McFayden, what a fucking mess that chic was. I was drawing blood on a patient on the 2nd floor, as i passed the nurses station I saw this very pretty nurse with an unbelievable rack. After Diane I had pretty much sworn off women, I hadn't found one in a long time that wasn't either plain batty or downright psycho. But this nurse had something...........unique. Just a happy way about her, and she did have that rack, so I filled out my patient log at the nurses station instead of in the patients room. I gave her the old Joey Tribbiani "How you doin'?" type line. She responded and we had a pretty deep and intelligent conversation about life, divorce, kids men women and such. I learned in this conversation that she had 4 kids the youngest one being 7 months old.......I was like YEESH!! You're very pretty, you seem nice ( wich gets me even more than pretty ), but I gotta go over there now.
About a month later a mutual friend calls me and says Hey Barb really likes you you should take her out. The thought of those kids still scared me but Barb was just so damned nice, and pretty, and she did have that rack. So I called her on her floor and asked her to go out, unbeknownst to me this was the first real date she had been on in 13 years. She was stressed to say the least. Kinda flattering.
Well we went out and the cliff note version of the date is that is was the best date I have ever been on. We had lived completely opposite lives but we still just clicked. I was struck with an overwhelming sense that she would be my future wife. So we started dating. We spent a lot of time at her house simply because I had so many bills back then I couldn't afford to do much and Barb always had a hard time getting a babysitter. There was something very comforting about getting off work going to her house and seeing her in a sexy little nighty waiting for me on the couch. We would talk for hours and hours. That click that I felt when we were on our date was actually a full blown connection, the best and strongest one I've ever had with another human. So I fell in love with her. Later her dad got sick and her mom couldn't watch her kids anymore, so I quite my job and stayed home while she worked. We also had a little girl of our own too. The problem with our arrangement was we were both doing the jobs we were weakest at. I am a horrible housekeeper and Barb mentally cannot tolerate working a lot. A family of 7 on one income is hard to do even if it's a nurses income. After having Cheyenne she got her tubes tied because 5 kids is enough. Unfortunately she suffered post-partom depression and tying her tube sent her into early peri-menopause. We realy didn't figure out what the problems were right away and we entered a 3 year period of a lackluster love life and every month we would fight right when Barb ovulated or right before she started her cycle. Not just ordinary arguments either. They were not physical at all, but they were dirty and mean to say the least. I satrted to build up some serious resentments. I had given up my job, my dreams and my independance to take on her kids and I was getting treated like this. I absolutely had a part in the problems, my issues and problems definately played a part in our problems. Anyway a few months ago Barb started taking Zoloft. I was very dubious of anti-depressants because I believe they are totally over-presecribed and used as a crutch. In Barb's case however the results have been magical. The Zoloft has taken away the most severe symptoms of her peri-menopause. She still has a completely normal affect, she will cry at a sad movie or laugh at a funy one. Our lackluster love life has restarted with renewed vigor and she looks at me the way she used to. We even argued once, but it was a real argument about a real issue and we solved it, neither of us were mean, just........passionate. We definately have our connection back. I love sleeping with her, I love talking to her. I love doing little stuff for her like rubbing her feet after a long day at work. Something was still different though, I still felt angry inside and I still had a lot of resnentment about the 3 previous years. I figured it would just go away, the better we got the better I would get. I should know better, resentment and anger is like an infection it only gets better when you treat it, and I was ignoring it. Well we were drving home the other night and I just burst at the seams, I couldn't keep it in any longer, and I smashed the shit out of the windsheild. It was the only thing I could do. It seemed like my only option. After many hours of dealing with the reprocussions of those actions and sleeping my whiskey ( Irishmen drinking Irish whiskey shuld be fucking outlawed ) off. I woke up with a crystal clear epiphany. Barb did exactly what she needed to do to fix the situation, she is not reponsible for my actions in the least. She actually had a definable medical issue and found a way to treat it and is exactly the person I fell so deeply in love with 5 years ago. It was me that had changed into something I didn't like. I was the angry one. It took only that realization to make me let go of it. I wish I would have figured that out BEFORE I decided to go all Mike Tyson on a really hard sharp surface but I didn't. I'm done holding on to this, it's over. I have an amazing family, I have a beautiful, kind, intelligent wife with a helluva rack. I choose that. I choose my family.

I got my wife back.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I will be off the grid for a while.

I lost my temper worse than I have in 10 years and basically demolished a windshield with my fist. I will have to do sprints and tempo runs for now.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

KJ's Vo2 max workout

with the 20 kilo
26 rounds 7 reps a round
182 snatches.
104 degrees 25% humidity
poured buckets of sweat.

So so damn glad I took care of my callouses before I went to the park.

I'm going to be doing this workout 2 times a week attempting to add 2 rounds each time.

Friday, August 10, 2007

So Barb just knocked out 125 swings in under 15 minutes

she went 15 15 15 15 15 25 25. sat down and rested between sets. Got herself a few nice blisters too :-). She kept asking me if that was good for her first time really pushing herself. UH YEAH!!
Then she laid on the couch all nauseated for a while. An hour later her metabolisim was still up and she was sweating on the way to work.

Welcome to the world of KBs honey.

She was resting like 1.5 to 2 minutes betweet sets. She said the whole session she was so confused cause each set kept getting harder. She was saying in her head What the Hell this side is rested ( one hand swings ) it shouldn't be this hard. Then she finally figured out on the last few reps the arms aren't doing shit, it's everything else that's working.

Welcome to kettlebells honey.

Then she said this is so much better than driving 20 minutes to the gym, lifting for 30 minutes, doing 30 minutes of cardio, driving home and trying to fit it all in my schedule.

Welcome to KBs honey.


Strength circuit
A1 TGU 5/5 ( first set of 5/5 with the 70 PR )
A2 pullup 8 -50 lbs with JS band
4 sets

B1 Reverse lunge 12/12
B2 snatch 10/10
4 sets

C1 slingshot 20/20 ( did 2 sets with the 70 ) rep 38 on the second set I droped the KB about 2 inches from my toes, switched to 53.
C2 pushup 10

Finisher Lead boots
reverse lunges 8/8
bodyweight squats 15
8/8 alternating jump lunges
15 jump squats.

When I almost droped the 70 on my foot it reminded me of a mullet moment I had when I was younger. I borrowed my friends .357 Mag Ruger Super Blackhawk and his western cut holster and went to the desert to go shooting. That thing had a trigger job and an action job, custom sites and custom barrell length. HAIR trigger too. It was all set up for western trick shooting and fast draw competitions. He was actually pretty fast and accurate with it. I wanted to be too. So I bought a few boxes of ammo and started practicing. Can you figure out what comes next.......yup I shot the ground about 6 inches if front of my right foot directly in line with my big toe. I have never ever tried to do any sort of fast draw again in my life.

Buffalo stew turned out pretty damn good, I bought a buffalo roast and used all organic veggies. Boiled the roast for about 3 hours with fennel, garlic, shallots, salt and pepper. When the roast was tender I shredded it with a put it back in the stock and added a head of shredded organic red cabbage, cooked it until the cabbage was tender. Grated a little real parmasian cheese over the top and it was mighty tastey.

Monday I start using heavy ( for me ) weights again. Bench, Squat and KJ's VO2 max as many rounds as I can get. Pray for me.


Barb's been home for 3 days, I've been slacking on my training log. Have'nt been slacking on working out though, I even got to work out with Barb once. I love doing that, makes me feel very close to her. This is a good thing. Anyway it felt ike a vacation to see her for that many days in a row, no she's gotta go work 12 in a row or something like that.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Favorite low carb meals/snacks


Boarshead roast beef sliced thick, with organic cream cheese spread on it.

Beef Jerky, i am going to get a dehydrator though they put too much salt in jerky

Steak and spinach salad with feta or blue cheese

Brie and veggies

Deviled eggs.

I've been eating some organic buffalo too, It's really good I miss the gamey flavor of....well, wild game. I'm going to make some buffalo stew tonight with fennel, garlic, onions, shallots, peppers, celery ect. It seems wrong to make stew and leave out the 'taters. But thats how it goes.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mid-day epiphanies are the best.

I've always been big, even when I was much leaner I've always been barrell chested. I have gotten a lot of positive reinforcement because of that over the years, negative too, but I'm mostly a positive person so I disregard the negative. Course maybe that's just looking at life through rose colored glasses. But I have always tried calculate in my head the perfect perigee between absolute weight, leanness, and muscle mass, that will still get me big guy respect and health. As well as food, just how many calories will it take to maintain a certain mass, or loose a certain amount ect ect. I'm starting to realize how much of a mental plateau that is. Its also "fitness magazine" approach. It focuses more on the external not the internal. It's funny I don't moniter my calories at all now somedays they will drop down to 1500 somedays it will be as high as 3000 or more. Not a strict rigid diet at all, just trying to make sure every meal is within a certain nutritional guidline. I'm starting to clear a lot of mental RAM up. I am beginning to just eat healthy, move, sleep, and let the results come to me. It is definately a self-reinforcing positive cycle. I'm not walking around wondering what the perfect conflux of situations are. I'm DOING what I need to do, with the profound realization that my goals are well within reach. I want to eat enough to recover, move heavy iron, and toss around a lot of kettlebells. Those actions will take care of my goals. Of course I'll learn, adapt and grow, but it isn't a source of concern anymore. It's becoming a passion. I am becoming much much more interested in performance.

This guy walks in moves the weight, gets the job done, and is a strong MFer. I bet he wasn't wandering if his BF% was low enough when he was in the middle of these lifts.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Showing Barb EDT format for swings

I just had to do it with snatches with the 70, didn't push hard. 17 reps per side in 10 minutes. Grip is definately the limiting factor. Oly style from the 25 more cruel and unusual DVD.
went 5/5 5/5 4/4 3/3 Pulled my callouses, need to sand the handle sand my hands and get the techinique down better.

Monday, August 06, 2007

benched tonight for the first time in forever.

225 6x1. Not that hard at all. Dave said his circuits would make you stronger. He was right.

EDIT: Man I'm pumped now, doing those singles had a tonic effect. SHWEET.

Like Tracy said calves are the reward for being heavy

Today is one of those days where David combines 2 workouts in one day. Freakin kills me.
A1 TGU 5/5
A2 pullup ( -50 lbs with js band hooked over the hand ladder at the park ) 8
4 sets

B1 Reverse Lunge 12/12
B2 snatch 10/10
4 sets

of all the supersets on his workouts this is the worst ( or best I guess ) by the 2nd set my legs feel like cement. I wore hiking boots today and THEY flet to damned heavy.

C1 slingshot 20/20
C2 pushup 10


8 reverse lunges
15 squats
8 jump lunges
15 jump squats

I managed to get my feet off the groundon every jump move. owie.

then slingshot 1:00
jumping jack 2:00
slingshot 1:00
jumping jacks 2:00
swings 1:00
jumping jacks 2:00
rest 3-5 minutes x 4 rounds
Thats how it's written but after doing the strength circuits I can't go for 8 minutes straight. i got it all done but damn did it take a while.

Postin' my pics today and not tommorrow

This is the shirt that my belly hung out of at ther bottom when I hit 304 lbs. Y-E-E-S-H

Green shorts are last months pics.

259 this morning. HELLS YEAH. 24 lbs down since I started the competition and 45 lbs down from my heaviest. Thats a big plate man. Can you imagne walking around with a 45 strapped to your back all the time every moment of your life. Disgusting.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

interval day

Went to the store bought a ribeye, then went to the park to earn my food for the day. It helps a lot to think of food as a reward for activity. Even non working out activity,like housework. I had been perfect on my nutrition till last night we ordered pizza and I had 3 slices. I wanted so much more, but I refrained, 3 slices filled me up. I did not NEED more food. So I don't feel particularly bad about the pizza. Besides it was freakin delicious.

all done with 53
slingshot 60 seconds
light jog 60 seconds
slingshot 60 seconds
swings 30 seconds
light jog/walk 90 seconds
cool down walking 3-5 minutes

x 6 rounds

Jogging has not been an easy task in a long long time, it still is not. But it is just beggining to be a way to stabilize my heart rate. It only works for a few rounds then my heart rate is just up and there is nothing I can do except rest. I really like the idea of being able to jog between rounds and be recovered enough to perform.
I have an idea how I'm going to combine squat bench and DL with KBs, it's still kind of in the amorphous stage.
The 70 is starting to feel managable for higher reps, it's been the lungs that go not the legs. Lungs are starting to be good, plus 44 lbs of completely useless tissue I don't have to oxygenate has to help too.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Posting on the home computer


Thursday, August 02, 2007

OK holy crap

I just read the 118 posts on Rifs blog about GS vs HS. Amazing. I really like HS and I really like GS. Too bad the 'twain the two shall not meet. Although I will say that the AKC sounds a lot like Jehovah's Witnesses, we're right and that's it. I've even talked to people who do GS and are willing to give me straight answers without the almost religious rhetoric.

It boils down to this for me, I love all things girya related, period. I bet there are a shitload of people like me on both sides of the rift that feel the same way.........................

internet will be paid tommorrow

I'm posting secretly from my wifes work computer :-)

I think I will be below 260 on the 7th on my weigh in. I'm 261 right now and there is 5 days till weigh in.

didn't miss a workout food has been perfect, and I figured out something. I was stalled for a while and I ADDED some more fat to my diet and the weight started dropping again. Neato.