Thursday, May 31, 2007

Food log

Went to the Ole Brass Rail with Barb this morning. I was a good boy.

Ice tea ( the non-alcoholic kind brewed from leaves ) no sugar.
Meaty omlette, gave my toast to Barb.

more to follow.
4 oz roast beef
20z cheese

The unbearable hunger of carb witdrawl made me cook like a madman. cabbage, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, stir fried with a little bacon fat and EVOO, topped with a chicken breast and blue cheese. DAMNED tastey.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lesson learned

My hammies are pretty darned sore from squatting, so when I did the swings tonight I had an....ahem..."unique" insight on wich muscles were being used. I found a form tweak, I can't really describe it. But on the downswing to load the hammies it didn't hit them as hard as I thought, I still felt it very very much but right now standing is a chore and this should be harder. I changed not how but when I initiate the upswing, just a little sooner, and I TOTALLY got stronger a "bowstring" effect from my hammies. Very good info.

Took the 70 for a walk.
Tied a rope on the handle and around my waist, then went to the park for some sled draggin'. Front and backwards for about 15 minutes. Started out easy ended up hard. Nice.

Workout plus food log


Lat pulldown ( weak in this today, I think cause bench hit my lats )

2nd day no carbs, I have 0 energy, it'll change in a week or so but DAMN

Legs are still almost unbearably sore becaus I came back from a back off week and maxed and did a dynamic box squat workout in the same session. Note to self don't do that again. LOL

So of course I did swings. 10x10 with the 53 I wanted more but the legs wouldn't co-operate.

food so far

2oz cheese
3 strips bacon

protien shake w/milled flaxseed.

salad with olive oil and vinager
pork chop ( damned tasty, cooked over an open flame )

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Great Pudge Off of '07

So it turns out I need a little kick in the pants to get my ass in shape. I hate hate hate dieting and conditioning. So me and Christin Petty ( who feels the sam way ) decided to have a race and make it public. Here is the crazy scheme of late night chats with a powerlifter.

The Rules:

First person to lose 60lbs, or highest amount of weight lost by deadline wins. Deadline December 1st, 2007 midnight, Arizona standard time.
Entrants must post picture on the 29th of each month along with weight and measurements.
Entrants may not make use of liposuction, or engage in anorexic and/or bulemic behavior... because this is bad for powerlifting.
Entrant may pick any diet/training regime they see fit otherwise. Entrant may post a food log, it is helpful but not mandatory.
The Payoff:Person to have lost most pounds/inches will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, fellow bloggers will vote.
Entrant deemed to have lost will have to take picture of self in blonde wig and skirt and post for all the world to see on their blog.

283 lbs
waist 51

thigh 29

calf 19.5
chest 51
unflexed bicpep 17

Food log

Yesterday was STUPID. I'm really kinda pissed at myself. Freakin' squat my butt off in a 100+ plus degree garage on a pile cinder blocks. I made the difficult choice ya' know. I could have easily said to myself the gym's closed and it's hot in my garage I'll just go to the gym tommorrow. This guy didn't say that.

But I didn't, and making that choice kicked ass, I was seriously proud of myself for doing it.

Then I partook in mindlessness and drank, then partook in more mindlessnes and grazed on crap. Bullshit behavior.

Food log
2 hard boiled eggs
155 calories
12.6 grams protien

80z chicken breast
calories 375
protien 70 grams

2 tablespoons EVOO
239 calories.

more to follow
egg ommlette
4 eggs 310 calories
2 slices bacon 348 ( less calories for cooked but I cooked the eggs in the fat )
1 oz cheese 113 calories
spinach and garlic
41 grams protien

Protien shake w/ flaxseed meal
400 calories 55 g protien.
totall for toaday

1940 calories
178 grams of protien

Little low on the protien, but all in all one hell of a lot better than yesterda.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Food log

So I didn't post these when we were living off my mother-in-law and had no internet. Now I need to.

3 egg omlette with shredded beef ( yummy )
6 oz ground beef
2oz cheese
2 Hyuge salads with sunflower seeds and olives
2 bowls of broccoli-cheese soup.

up untill this point diet was pretty much on track, then I screwed the pooch
3 long Island ice teas
half a box of Cheezits
giant bowl of butterfinger ice cream

Best I can figure over 6000 calories. Fuck me.

squat template by Rif.

Man I'm going to have to start printing this stuff out and putting it in a folder.
There is a sumo template I want to keep too. LOL

4-5 weeks free squats raw5x5 adding weight each week til max of 5x5

4-5 weeks box squats with chains 6-10 sets of 2 70-90% of box squat max

2-3 weeks competiton free squats with light gear doubles

2-3 weekscompetition free squats with tight gear singles only. ending with 90-95% of goal.

the raw squats build size and basic strength, the box squats power and accleration and the gear cycle skill work for the comp and overload.

brought his squat up 130 pounds in year.

Holy freakin Jezus did 4 inches make a huge difference

I can't believe it!!!!
First of all that 4 inches cost me 100 lbs on my box squat.
Secondly it hit an ENTIRELY different set of muscles.
Thirdly I squatted narrower than I usually do. I rewatched Pavels 25 more cruel and unusual drills. He has a way of finding the correct stance for squats, get in a stance and move your feet around untill you find your best stance. I did that. I might have shaved off a few lbs this way, BUT I'm way more flexible. and its way way freakin easier to arch my back a little narower in. So i like it better.

Squatting kick my ass today.

box squats off 16 inch box


17 sets in less than 30 minutes. Yeah I'm toast, stick a fucking fork in me baby I'm done.

oh yeah it was 100 degrees in my garage too. LOL

I'm going to attempt to do swing later on tonight.

I'm having less and less tolerance for whining

about working out, especially the 'I just don't have time" thing. Like Pavel says skip a meal, workout instead.

The gym was closed when I went, the kids were awake by the time I got back. And I had no desire to squat off my bench again, it's too damned high and it's not really doing me any good. So if figured I would just plain ole' squat, then I had an epiphany.

4 cinder blocks 5 dollars 12 cents

16 inch cubed box pricless.

Be back in an hour........................


Hey dude I just read your comments on my post where I videod myself deadlifting.
Man I'm sorry I missed it the first time around, and it looke like I'm blowing you off. Totally sorry, it was unintentional. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. And I have since stopped the spiderman deadlifts on a wall. LOL

Some things just strike me the right way

at the right time and make me laugh so hard milk comes out my nose.

Article by Dave Tate, food philosopher extrordinaire:

"Hostess First off we need to get this straight. Little Debbie is NOT hostess. Two things wrong with this. First off LD's are know as snack slummin or pure ghetto snacks. Just not cool. Also, ANYTHING that has the name "little" attached to it can't get good for the Yoke.

Intermission: I was reading a "magazine" the other day and they mentioned something about building a "Yoke". DAMIT! This pisses me off. The whole "Yoke" thing started because a bunch of pin heads decided to take "Jacked" and make it mainstream. "Jacked" used to mean something. Now it has been reduced to a tiny vein in your bicep and a 18 inch waist.


They can have the "Jacked" and use it all they want.

"Yoked" started to rebel the whole "Jacked" thing that was going down hill. Now I am seeing "Yoked" heading the same direction. Maybe the pin heads should actually try being the name before they use it. No worries, the underground will come up with another term. Maybe "Cocked" "Stiffed" or just plain "Hard On".

So I dedicate this post to all the pin heads who ran "Jacked" out. You know they need help gaining weight and I am 100% sure they did not know there was a huge difference between the Debbie's ( can't even write the "L" word anymore ) and Hostess.

I am going to go on a limb here and doing something unheard of. I am going to GIVE a weekly program for FREE. I feel I have to to save the term Yoked. You see if I help the tinny necks get bigger maybe they will keep the term sacred. I apologize to all you who already know all this. It is rehashing old stuff over and over but it needs to be written again.

Here is the weekly schedual for those looking for Yoke.

Twinkie Day- This is the best for starting the week off. Most of us all started with these golden delights. Hell, they have been around since the 30's. You have to respect the most famous blow job man in history stuck one in a time capsule. If you have the time a quick deep fry job will add a few hundred calories to these thus making it a better choice for the yoke. The only problem with twinkies is everyone else is doing it so it can't work that well. I have read there are 500 million sold each year. I know there are not that many Yoked people. Still a great choice for starting the week off. As the week progresses so will loading and intensity. Recommended loading - 2 boxes per day

Mini Muffin Day - This one is the next step up. While they have not been around long they are a great pre-breakfast snack. Nothing better then kicking back with a box of these and a large 64ox coffee as you drive to the Waffle House for breakfast. Granted the name Mini is not a good thing at all. This is why you have to ram these down one box at a time. No way around this one, it has to be done that way or you will stay unyoked for a very long time. Recommended loading - 1 Box on the way to breakfast*Because of the name MINI this has to be done on a non training day. Might be a good idea to avoid sex on this day as well.

This is hump day so you have to go with Ding Dongs. It has been suggested to... Nibble them slowly, like a king or queen, and savor the creamy goodness of every morsel, or bite right into that creamy center and get a mouthful of chocolate goodness.This is bull crap. You gotta pound these down! Anymore than two bits per dong and you are loosing ground. You know what I mean. Screw royalty - this is about getting yoked. Recommended Loading - This is a high day so 3 boxes is in the cards. One Box after breakfast, One After Lunch and One before bed.

Because Wednesday is a pretty harsh loading day we need to fast some on this day and keep it clean. Fruit Pies will do the trick. Nothing better then fruit to help cleanse the system. The trick on this day is to use the 2x2 rule. This means 2 pies every two hours. To keep your system guessing ( and growing ) you want to shock it with different flavors each time. Here is a sample day ( your normal meals are not included. You will still eat them).2 pies each feeding
8:00am - Apple
10:00am - Cherry
12:00pm - Pineapple
2:00pm- Lemon
4:00pm - Blackberry
6:00pm - Strawberry
8:00pm - French Apple
10:00pm - Apple
12:00pm - Cherry
2:00am - Strawberry
4:00am - Pineapple
6:00am - Cherry
Yes, you will need to wake up in the night and eat. Nobody ever said getting Yoked would be easy. Sometimes you just need to man up and do what you gotta go.

This is date night so the choice is simple....Suzy Q's - If you turn it side ways..... okay, I should not go there. But you can practice your A-B-C's and zig zag technique if you like. Can you believe the pervert who invented these did so over 40 years ago. You gotta give him credit for having the balls to call it a Suzy Q. This alone makes it the best choice for friday nights. Think what you want but when training for the YOKE most Friday nights will be spent home alone because for most the next day is squat day. Your loading will largely depend on your refractory period. The best protocol to use involves little foreplay. Just get in and out as fast as you can. No kissing, licking or sweat talk. Open the box and just start cramming them in. No need to wait for your hunger to harden up. The longer you wait the less chance you will have of making it to the end. Recommended Loading - This is usually the night before a heavy training session so a huge bloat is necessary. This loading is totally dependent on how much you can handle. Just keep loading until you feel like you will pop. You will then use 1 rest pause set. rest for 36.4 minutes and try to kick back 50% ofg the first set.

Ho Ho's - This is not about Santa but he is a hell of a squatter. The best choice for Saturdays are Ho Ho's. The reason is due to your CNS will be shot from the heavy training session making it very hard to eat. The tubular shape makes these very easy to eat even when you feel like you were beaten with a sledge hammer. Recommended Loading - 4 boxes. One on your way to the gym for that last pick me up. One right after training to take advantage of post workout Ho Ho window. To make things easy it would be a good idea to have the last two boxes in the freezer ready to go before hand. Nothing better than watching the game with a couple dozen frozen Ho Ho's.

Sunday Donettes - Now these are the best of the best. They are so small they really don't even count. It has been suggested to keep an open box next to the couch, in the bathroom, kitchen and on the back of the toilet. A good rule of thumb would be to place a box where ever you will visit more than twice through the day. TIP: In case you were wondering they will float and are just as good wet as dry. Just make sure if you do drop one in the can it is not after #2. If this is the case make sure to grab the one with the hole in the center. Recommended Loading - use the instinctive training principle on this one. This is a day of rest. There you go, the 7 day plan to getting Yoked. "

Dave Tate is just so damned funny!!!!!!!!!!

Took some photos of self today. I will post them on Thursday it's a surprise.

But appearantly I suffer from "reverse anorexia". It's when you look at yourself and say "Huh, I just don't look that bad." Or "I'm a big guy, I carry the weight pretty well."

Yeah right. LOL. Funny stuff.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Video for Barb

She is working and I thought it would be nice for her to see the kiddies.

Squat day tommorrow.

It's Sunday night after a back off week, I'm ITCHING to train, like a bug under my skin that I can't get too. Gnawing at me, prodding me, pushing me, telling me to go get it. See, I didn't feel this way a week ago. Don't know why but I didn't. I'm going to squat off a 16 inch box tommorrow so that's exiting, it's something new. I am also going to change my assistance movements every 4 weeks. My SQ assistance move for the next month will be Zercher position squats, I'm looking forward to this. The leg onslaught is mere hours away. Tommorrow is box squats, zercher squats, OHP, swings. I'm going to cut it up into two workouts for convenience. Squats in the am.
Kb presses and swings in the pm.
Oh yes the financial situation is somewhat better, so I get to make my own food choices too. That's damned good thing.
Food log and workout log to follow Monday :-)

Hey Rif

I found a way to do the 2 hand one arm swing that's pretty easy to set up and pretty solid in flight. LOL

the bell clostest to yourself goes "under" the handle of the farthest bell from you. Then you grab it with a kind of false grip, if your thumb is long enough you can wrap it over the top. Mine isn't. Hope this helps

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm being totally plageristic

But damn is this a cool video, gotta keep it handy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Form critique. ANYONE welcome to comment

Got a belated b-day present. A camera!! perfect gift.

Thanks babe, I love it.

Messing around figuring out the controls on the camera snapped a few pics.

Leave it to a 15 year old to actually look irritated while sleeping, now that's a talent!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

bench, deads, and general musings.

175 3x3
CV deads
6 singles with 225
tossed the 70 around a little, freestyle work. Didn't keep track, all really easy stuff just getting blood flow. Cleans, high pulls, rows a few side presses.

I can finally get my hands in position on the bar for the squat if the rack is wide. The rack at strengthworks is very wide right to the inside stops on a bar. On my squat rack there was a little space on the bar outside the supports, so I grabbed that space with my thumb and index finger and placed the rest of my hand on the inside stops. Sounds precarious but it was atualy pretty solid. The problem came when I was re-racking the bar, or if I failed or fell before I got to the box my wrists would have been squarely between the bar and the rack supports. Very not OK.

Also, they have adjustable boxes there 11-16 inches. So Monday I'm going there to squat, the weight will probably be lower because the box will be a good 3-4 inches lower in the top position than my bench. Hard on the ego, but it's cool though I can't wait to have a tough squat workout. Is that sick??

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back off week

Box squats
200 x 6 x 2
side press with bulldog
2 singles each side.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The reason Tank Abbott could hit so damn hard

Love him or hate him the dude could throw a punch. I loved when he was a commentator for the UFC. His dry sarcastic wit reminds me of Charles Barkley.

I'm not saying he had good form, mind you. Then again I couldn't do that with ANY form.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Light bench, back, volume swings

I'm getting the placement of the swings worked out, I should have done then yesterday but I layed down with the kiddies and BAM roycie was snoozin'.

Heavy swing complexes on mon, volume swings with 53 on friday. Tryin' to cut the lard. LOL.

170 x3x3

Close grip parallell grip pulldown 170 5,5,5,4,4

swings 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10, 5, 5, 5

165 swings

My hammies need a break!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm stymed

So I read the article, below on the sumo dl. Everyone seems stronger pulling sumo. What the hell am I doing wrong.
I played with the form today
135 x 3 singles
225x 2 singles
315 x 1 single
335 glued to that damn floor

405 broke it off the ground 2-3 inches.

Strengthworks has a former Westsider as the trainer, as soon as I have the cashola I'm going to schedule an hour or so with him.

Swings to follow later

Absolute genius article from Marc Bartley

I'm doing higher volume KB's right now as a way to trim the lard. LOL. It's going to be fun to make them pure power moves later on. LOL

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cycling back kicks ass

I used to think cycling meant changing rep ranges 5x5 for 3 weeks, a week off, 3x10 for 2-3 excersizes a body part, for a while. ect ect. I used to roughly do different months of 4-6, 6-8, 8-12. Now I realize just how damned inferior that is for strength.

First of all, Barb left for work and I was a little depressed, we are living like total paupers at the moment. Worse than we let on, like we could loose the house. On top of that I'm not a fully domesticated animal yet. Sometimes civilized "family" life drives me NUTS, LOL, and I'm the one staying home. Well me and Barb had a long talk, my attitude affects her attitude and visa versa. I agreed to not complain about having my testicles put in a jar if she didn't complain about having to grow a pair of her own and work for the next 2 months straight, 6-7 days a week.

So today is heavy bench/back day, and I did not feel like lifting AT ALL. What I wanted to do is go get money ( insert imaginative solution here ), and engage in various ignominious activities.

What I did is look at Cheyenne and Ryan and realize what a precious gift my family is and gave a burnt offering to the Gods of Iron, they being in a charitable mood rewarded my karmacly positve choice.

Next week is back off week so I maxed today.
245x1 recent PR ( Tyler spotted me on this one )
Wasn't a true max, I accelerated off the chest and didn't slow down untill over 3/4 up and locked out strong. 10 lbs left in the bank maybe. Oh yeah and I don't bounce it off my chest either.

245 x .7 = 171.5
245 x .85= 208.25

Lesson learned I need to keep multiple sets BETWEEN this weight range next month after back off week.

Tris, bench lockout 3-4 inches. 225x4x2.

Close grip low cable row 170 5x5

No more depression, no more need for chaos.

Great stuff from Thib

1. Athletes should always try to generate as much force as possible when they're lifting a weight. In other words, they should not only lift the load, but attempt to impart as much acceleration to it as possible.

As the load becomes heavy or fatigue sets in, the actual speed of movement will decrease. However, the intent and effort to accelerate is as effective as the actual acceleration of the load when it comes to stimulating muscular and neural adaptations.

2. Athletes should not only develop their strength in concentric/lifting/accelerating movements, but also in eccentric/lowering/braking and isometric/static/stopping actions.

3. Athletes can maximize force production potential by working on the muscular, reflexive, and elastic factors involved in force production. The higher the force produced, the more high-threshold motor units are recruited and the more growth/strength gains can be stimulated.

Sounds like HS to me. I know I can already hear "but the weight is too light to produce the power."

However, the intent and effort to accelerate is as effective as the actual acceleration of the load when it comes to stimulating muscular and neural adaptations.

INTENT, yup that says it all for me.

meatheaded behavior

Actually kinda funny. I wanted to see how tight a doubled up JS mini band would be across my chest, only I wasn't wearing a shirt. Giant rubber band, hairy chest....................need I say more.

I can so hear my dads voice "Damn son, you gotta use your head for more than a hat rack."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I got this as an E-mail from a friend of mine. Funny enough I had to share.

FINALLY, after going through a virus attack, losing a hard drive, fighting
off hackers, upgrading all my software, installing fire-walls, being threatened
with being cut-off by my email provider, and a host of other problems.. I have
fixed my computer... and NOW it works exactly the way I want it to!

So I got the internet back and

the electricity gets shut off. We so need my second income, I can't wait untill school is over and I'm working. Still about 2 years away though........

Box squat
220 x 10 x 2
OHP 54321
65,75,85,95,105 easy
held stretch at the bottom. had my index fingers on power rings (32 inch grip) easy
2 hand swing complex
53x5 70x5 88x5 = 1 set
did 5 sets of these

Sore hammies today

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just all damn kinda new levels of respect

And Its in Ghana so you know it gets Fucking hot working out outside.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I overheard one of the owners taliking about the new equipment they are trying to get, and the prices they are paying.
Damn, I hope they do, at least, a comp bench and power cage. 'Cause I would never leave.

I watched a dude do 405 reverse bench for 3 solid reps Wednesday. That's insane. Plus he was totally nice, walked past me and gave me a form tip on my bench, very politely. Asked me if I wouldn't mind if he gave me some advice. Uhhhh......PLEASE give me advice, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. He seemed genuinely pleased he could help me too. I love the atmosphere there!!

Rif or Christine

Is there any way to do board presses without a partner. Those bench press lockouts RULED. I wanna try board presses next heavy day!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bench/back light day Tri's heavy

54321 light bench
all seriously light, felt strong all the way through. 195 got shakey a while back, 185 went up like butter. I started out at about a 240ishbench ( weak I know ). I think I'm at least there if not more now.
I did bench lockouts for tricep work 3-4 inches off saftey pins touch-and-go, not singles

I have absolutely NEVER hit the inner head of my tricep like this EVER, or my front delts.
I believe 315 is the most I've ever supported in the bench position so that's a lifetime PR of sorts.
What surprised me was how hard my bi's and back got hit on a press, totally fried.

Back was 3x5 lat pulldowns 150 lbs. lame movement I know but I was spent.

Found this on eliteFTS

and i f-ed up and went too heavy. very easy to do when raw lifting, i am finding out. so next week will be a REAL deload week,

OK. Quote is by Chris "Ox" Mason. I'll take his word for it.

Workout posts for Wed. and Fri.

Wednesday was heavy bench did it at Thorbecks
180x1 ( seriously easy )
Incline dumbell press 65's 3x3

That's what I needed, was to back up and start light and build 180 was just so LIGHT. Held a full 2 second pause on my chest.
dumbell row
75's 5x5
Really concentrated on "pinching" the shoulder baldes together. Got a good little soreness from this.
Calves and forearms x alot.

Thorbecks is FULL of 30 something guys and gals, totally nice, completely helpfull, and wickedly strong. Cool.

Fri. DL day done at home.
285x6 singles 1.5 minutes rest between. ugh. That's all I have to say about that.
GM 145 3x3
one hand swing w/53 150 reps. 20,20,20,20,15,15,10,10,10,10. I turned into a flaming puddle of goo after this. LOL. Didn't time the sets just went when I felt recovered enough to do it.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm back on the net!!!! That was a seriously shitty 2 weeks, no need to rundown our finances on the net, but shithowdyhellmotherfucker I'm glad that's over!!

Rif: 32 comments on the post about your injuries. Crazy. I actually didn't see the post ya'll were referring too. Shafs posts remind me a lot of my brother, alot. Shit talker from the moment he opens his mouth, then justifies it with. "Well i don't kiss ANYBODYS ass." Good for them. Glad they have morals. It's lonely being the only correct person in the world!!

Christine: I'm really glad you got to go to Nationals. I bet that kicked ass!! The pics were super cool. Take care of that hand that's a bitch. "Combat sleeper" ROTFLMFAO, now that's funny.

Trailady: Thanks I found a grey hair on my SHIN, wich I promptly removed. LOL

Tracy: Your workout are kicking butt. see-saw presses!! those will pack on some muscle!!

And everyone else, have a great night

Monday, May 07, 2007

Workout for Sat. and Mon

Light bench, heavy tri's, chins.
bench 54321
close grip bench
1,2,3 x 3
JS bands -75 lbs
3 negative singles no bands.

box squats
200x12x2 ( easy )
60,70,80,90,100 ( easy )
bulldog DARCS
10 x 6 ( not so easy )

Figured out something about my bench. I wanted to just hammer it because it's an ego lift. Stupid! Still a little mullet left in me I guess. I started 54321, starting weight 135 lbs ang cycle upwards every 4th workout drop back to the weight of the 2nd workout ( hope that makes sense )3 steps forward one back. heavy day I'll add dumbell bench or floor press or something else for 3x3 or 3x5. CYCLE CYCLE CYCLE.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Or rather manuel labor. LOL
Helped my pop clean out some peices of scrap metal from behind his house today. Some of it awkwardly shaped and in tight places. Didn't give me a bit of trouble, even with sore hammies! Thanks KB's

Friday, May 04, 2007

Workout post

Planned 260 x 12 x 1
got 260 x 9 x 1
135 x 3
185 x 1 ( little ambitious there )
135 x 3

Standing ab's ( tricep rope behind neck )
65 x 3
100 x 3
150 x 3
200 x 3 ( the stack )

I'm beggining to realize just how much of a weak spot my hip flexors/adductors/hips in general?? are. I can't wait untill they are more flexible and strong that will boost everything!!

When I pulled for a max I pulled conventional, on a sumo cycle right now. I don't seem to be hitting the planned numbers. So either my power-endurance sucks or I'm stronger pulling conventional??.
Doesn't matter though, I pulled for 3 more reps than last week, that's what matters in the long run. And at then end of this cycle I'll pull for a max and base everything off that. It's all just data!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Workout at Thorbecks

135x 3
195x1 ( freakin hard single )
175 1,2,3 x 3
Lost some strength on bench, I think I know why. static stretching of my pecs tryibg to get the squat bar in place :-( No worries just a little bump in the road.
Double bent over dumbell row
65's x 3
85's x 3
100's x 3

done as series x 3 series

some calves and forearms, just winged it, old school grip machine and one leg donkey raises.

Thorbecks is freakin cool, with one giant gaping exception. It doesn't have a squat rack or a power cage. It has a squat stand, but no way to spot yourself under the bar. and during the day the owner takes off a lot. The day passes are on the honor system. They gym just stays open most of the day and random people ( strong as hell random people ) come and go. It is a co-op, you pay to own part of the gym. I love everything about it, I'm really sad they don't have a rack, If I had the money I would donate a nice one to the gym.
So I went and checked out Strengthworks today, the history is definately not there but the coolness factor is just as high. They have competition benches with attachement points for bands, 2 power racks with band attachement points, and they are getting a shipment of kettlebells in this month.
Plus Strengthworks has Strongman competitors plus Oly lifters that workout there.
I'm going to have to get the membership at Strengthworks, but with 2 dollar passes at Thorbecks I can have the best of both worlds. Thorbecks PL team meets on Saturdays and "Brick" Darrow gives seminars on certain Saturdays. I will be attending them without a doubt!