Thursday, November 09, 2006

Despicable people

Every now and then you run into people who really are not worth the shit they are made of. I have experienced this lately, let me explain.

Me and Barb tried to move to Prescott as all of you know, well we moved back and we were pretty broke, the reason being Barb stoped working right when her dad reached the end of his life. Would you expect anything less of a loving daughter, I certainly did not. In fact I applauded and supported her for making this very difficult descision.

Well we moved in with my mother-in-law who pretty much made my life hell as well as every one elses life in the house, she CONSTANTLY nags, gripes, complains and mutters underhanded insults all day long. She is a very spiritually soulless woman, even to the extent that when Bob ( her husband ) was reaching the end of his life all she did was yell and scream at him all day. What a bitch, ya know.

Well she is not the evil fucking cunt/dick I speak of though. In fact I don't know who the person is who I am speaking of.

Turns out Barb and her mom got into a huge argument today and Garnett told her she was mad not because she married an athiest, not because she failed at moving away and had to uproot the kids twice, not because she thinks I am lazy, not because she thinks Barb and I are alcoholics, or any of the other reasons she spouts off when she is mad, but because seh didn't like the stuff Barb wrote about her in her blog.

How did she know about the blog? Good question. Turns out someone reads her blog, talks to someone else about it and that 3rd party tells Garnett the content of her daughters blog, but they add a few thing along the way. Like they told Garnett Barb blames her for how her life turned out. Barb is one of those unique individuals who takes complete responsibility for everything in her life, never once has she blamed Kirk, Garnett, me, Peggy or anyone else for the difficulties she has faced.

So this doesn't even bother me really, I can easily rise above such pewtty 3rd grade behavior ( pssssst hey do you know what so-and-so said about you today, hhhmmmm welll do ya? ) fucking juvinile and stupid.

What makes me think that this persons only place in this world is as fertilizer is the fact that while Garnett was facing the death of her husband of 55 years someone was whispering in her ear about how much her daughter didn't like her.
How evil do you have to be, how thoughtless, how soulless does a person have to be to create tension for a woman who's whole existance is slipping away from her one memory at a time.

Whoever you are you are a piece of shit, and as I have learned over and over in life everything is cyclicle. the energies you participate in are the energies that are present in your life.
Have fun getting your Comeuppin's whoever you are!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Completely unexpected PR tonight

Just blew myself away. I snatched the Bulldog tonight ( an 88 lb kettlebell ).
I watched a video about high pulls wich a re a snatch assistance movement and realized I had been doing them way way too low to benefit my snatches.

I tried them higher and got it!!!!!!!!

I am going to add multiple low rep sets of ( maybe 10 x 3 each side ) of high pulls for a while untill I can get more acceleration to the new groove then I am going to start hitting the bulldog snatches hard on my strength days.


Workout posts

Hey everybody still working out just get almost no access to the internet at the moment.
Hopefully this will be fixed by sometime next week.
I feel so isolated without my e-buddies.

Workouts kicking ass, getting lots and lots of compliments from random people like the secretary at my kids school.

I had to drop my arm specific workouts :-( heavy cleans, light snatches, and tire flipping puts one hell of a stress on my biceps, press ladders and stone jerks put alot of stress on my tris and I was doing 2 10 minute EDT style workouts for bis and tris a week, I started to have some tendon pain that wouldn't stop so I dropped the curls/close grip pushdown supersets my arms feel much much better.
A really funny thing happened also, I had gotten to where I could pin the IM #2 gripper at will and when my bis especially stred acting up I couldn't get it past paralell. I dropped the arm specific work and viola I can pin the gripper and hold it for several second again.

Peace out ya'll