Tuesday, February 28, 2006


not as sore today as I thought I would be, sore in odd places though.
maybe weak points I have not addressed in regular training, like tie-ins between lats and lower back.
I would love to actually learn oly lifts with the bar, later goal perhaps.
weight still hovering around 290 lbs. Hell of a lot faster and stronger though ( except for bench, my personal white whale )
a couple of times my jerks overhead stalled, they turned into a partial rep military press, before KBs 135 was really heavy, handled it very well yesterday!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

First workout in a week after flu

Ok so I'm back, feeling 100%, ready to workout, as ya'll may have noticed I don't really have a set workout, sometimes I will jog with spurts of KBs thrown in, sometimes I will lift weights in a circuit, or maybe I will do a max swing or snatch workout, the reason is threefold and simple.
1) I get really bored extremely fast, more so with conditioning workouts, I don't like them while I am doing them, so I mix it up.
2) my workouts can be strenous ( for me, others would not even consider them a warmup LOL ), if I did the same workout all the time I would overtrain one area.
3) I have a LOT of weight to loose and I don't want my body to adapt to any workout fast and stall my progress.

OK here is what I planned for today ( hint, what I planned LOL )
10 rounds of the following
2 burpees done with 135 lbs
10 swings with 44 lb KB 5l/5r
60-90 seconds rest
here is what actually got accomplished today
5 rounds of
1 burpee style clean and jerk with 135 lbs( any oly lifters look away, they were muscled up no techinque)
10 swings 5l/5r
60-90 seconds rest
after main workout 10 ballistic throws with KB.
Results: kicked my little toucas like a paper bag in a hurricane, my fake C&Js were about half the intensity of an actuall pushup burpees
swings went well, actually could have launched them today, they felt light after pulling 135 from ground to chest.
workout over in less than 15 minutes, I was nauseated for 30 minutes afterward.
took a nap.
Whole body fried in under fifteen minutes, getting up tomorrow will be a pleasure!!
Working out outside while the weather is still nice is amazing, sun on face cool breeze, just an incredible feeling.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I was going to workout today, instead I thought it would be fun to get the flu, two days sitting on the porcelan throne hs left me a tad dehydrated.
And anyway even if I was ok enough to workout my precious little baby girl is sick and she spent the ENTIRE day sitting on my lap. It is hard for me to believe that for the first year she would not even sit by me, she wanted MOM. She has turned into quite the little daddys girl, and that is just fine!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rolling down hills

So yesterday was Valentines Day, and yes I know it is a made up holiday by the greeting card industry. I don't care, I had too many years with no one to share it with. I will make sure it is something special for me and Barb every year.
Having said that, we had very little money yesteday. So we got each other a card and candy. We went for a walk later in the evening, it was like 65 degrees, perfect for me. I haven't worn a jacket or jeans yet this winter, don't nead them in Phoenix!!
I was contemplating our situation, money, love, kids, retirement, travel, moving outta Phoenix ( despite the mild winters, this place is the 6th level of hell ), vacations ect.
We were walking through an office complex that is beautifully landscaped with rolling hills and well kept grass.
Barb dared me to roll down one of the hills, well that is not really a dare!! I of course did it, then I dared barb to do it, there were people watching and everything, she did it.
Do you remember how it felt to be carefree, have implicit trust, not have any feelings of worry or doubt, well I do, as of last night all those feelings came flooding back to me. I still have a residual little glow happening from just letting myself go, being free, no worries, no concerns!!
Grown ups do grown up things, ski, sled, bike, go tubing down the river ( still don't see many people over 30 doing that ), work, worry, contemplate, blog, go to Ikea to find the perfect whatever, college, and how many things else! There is absolutely nothing wrong with these things, they all have thier perfect places, in fact I may be going to Ikea today!!
But we need to take time, no to MAKE time, to play, and not just get some friends together and play bridge or poker, I mean play like a child again. Find a tire swing, skip rocks on a pond( do you remember your highest number of skips???)
AND FOR GODS SAKE, FIND A BIG, WET, LONG HILL AND ROLL DOWN IT!!!!!!!!!!! do it in front of people, to hell with what they think, they will envy you anyway. Trust me you will be laughing untill you pee by the time you hit the bottom. It is the most incredible 30 seconds of therapy you will ever have!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

todays workout

bench 5x5
bent over row 5x5
High Octane Cardio
exercize and side separated by jogging or walking
swing 10/10 20 kilo
snatch 10/10 20 kilo
Clean an Jerk 10/10 20 kilo
underleg pass 25/25
pushed hard, had 9 hours sleep, felt wonderful, workout felt great. One of the most productive to date!!
75 degrees today, light clouds, perfect!!!
Missed the workout post on 2-12, did 3 sets of 20 reps of ballistic throws. Smoked, and I mean smoked my upper body.

Monday, February 13, 2006

griping strength

This post was inspired by trailady.
I am working on grip strength, there are several components : crushing power, support strength, ect.
Trailady told me not to barf on my KB's because it will make the slippery.
So unbeknownst to her a grip exercize is to soap the handles and do your exercizes.
I tried this..........in the house..........how the table is standing is a mystery to me!!!
Glad Barb wasn't home at the time!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

workout 2/10

walk 1/4 mile
swing 10 reps left side
swing 10 right
snatch 10 left
snatch 10 right
Clean and Jerk 10 left
Clean and Jerk 10 right
25 under leg passs
25 under leg passes

workout notes.
Extremely tired today, my mother-in-law had to go to the hospital last night, I had to sit with my Father-in-law. So I was up 'till 3am.
lactic acid build up in my lower back forced me to sit down a couple of times, C&J, my best exersize, felt like a ton today.
Anyway I did it, felt great sense of accomplishment afterwards.
Monday will be better!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006


bench 185 3 sets five reps
kb single arm swing 10/10 ( left right ), 20 kilo
kb single arm snatch 10/10 ,20 kilo
kb single arm c&j 10/10 , 20 kilo
kb underleg pass 30/30, 20 kilo
workout notes;
may have to stop jogging between set. Will replace with jumprope.
Ankle bothering me again, don't think jogging is so good for an unrehabed previous dislocation.
actually dislocated the same ankle twice in one week, second time I will not be ashamed to admit I cried.
rest of workout strong, need to buy heavier kb maybe 70 pounder for clean and jerks, they almost flew away like a little butterfly today ( lol )

Great workout, getting better every day.