Monday, April 26, 2010

Food addiction

Ok moment of truth for Roycie. I was doing low carb/low cal. Wich sucks. Workouts suck. Elizabeth suggested the no s diet wich I looked at. I like the enforced moderation of the whole concept. It looks like a truly simple lifestyle change. So I decided to give it a try in conjunction with kettlebells as opposed to his ( very cool ) sledgehammer training. It's all about portion controll and moderation. Move more eat less. 3 meals a day no snacks no seconds. I thought it would totally be easy to implement. I like protien, I like veggies, and I get to have some moderate carbs too. WRONG.
I cannot believe how addicted I am to food and constant grazing, I was in the kitchen about 10 times today mindlessly looking for snacks. I just drank water between meals and didn't cheat. But my god!! I'm
Going crazy. Un-freaking-believable. Really, I'm shocked. I have no idea how much I was eating like that even with low carb.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kettlebells and meat society, first meeting.

Went to the park today with the kids and Pat. Me and Pat go way back. I feel very fortunate to know Pat. Through all my fuckups he's been a true friend. Never judgemental, and he never comprised his integrity either. When I was doing drugs he always kept away from them.

Anyway due to the constraints of both our hectic lives we don't get to see one another very often. That is going to change for the better. We grabbed some kettlebells and the kids and went to the park, I paid Sidney to babysit and me and him just did some freestyle cattleballing. This really really reminded me of why I wanted to get into kettlebells in the first place.

In another life ( it seems ) I had a strong back and rough hands from real honest to goodness Manuel labor. I've done construction clean up/ demolition, landscaping in the Arizona heat, air conditioning duct work and sheet metal work, I worked for a paint factory where I would move 1000 5 gallon buckets of paint a day. I had callouses across my fingers you could put out a cigarette on.

I got tired of working myself into the ground and went into the medical field and immediatly put on 80 lbs. Sure I lifted a few weights or jogged a little now and then. But I never felt "put together" like I did when I was working.

Then I saw kettlebells. Farmers walks, cleans, rows, swings, snatches, jerks, squats, thrusters, presses, single or double kettlebell. Done work style. Do it rest some do some more pick another drill do it some rest some. I just wanted to mimick work to some degree.

Then came the great achyball debate where I sorta got depressed and gave up on bickerballs for a while. Actually I spent to much time on the Internet and not enough time swinging. No excuses I chose a bad path.

But today reminded me of two very important things. 1 working out with someone is crazy fun. 2 kettlebells rock. Don't matter what style you choose. It's the effort not the tool.

I had no set plans for the workout, what it ended up being for me was a strength test followed by a set of ballistics. I squatted and pressed double 70's swung double 70's . H2H cleaned a 70 bottoms up cleaned 70, DARC swung the 88. Snatched the 88, and did several sets of ballistics beside that. Kind of a tough set followed by an easy set. We were there for an hour.

My lungs, hips, grip, abs and shoulders are pleasently toasted.

This is what I enjoy, random practice. Some sets all out some easy, while trying for PRs in strength AND volume and endurance. I think I will constantly try to push the volume with the smaller bells and every month when me and pat meet up go balls out with the heavier stuff. But still keeping it random and working on the basics seeking out my weaknesses and trying to improve them.

Damn do I feel good right now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Workout caveman style!!

Ok Tom I'll give you this much. You can get a damn tough full body workout with natural movements and stuff. I worked out for 18 minutes. I jogged some hills, I bear crawled some small hills ( wich is way tougher than I imagended) I did some front squats deadlifts overhead presses and rows with various rocks I came across and I carried a rock up a fucking hill to finish shit off. Actually I just played. Worked up a good sweat and I feel like a million bucks. 

Edit: must grow tougher hands.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Javorek is the devil

Kettlebell plus javorek inspired circuits=hell

Clean and press 1,2,3 x 3
Swing 5/5
Row 5/5
Clean 5/5
Squat with kb by horns 10
Snatch 5/5
Lunge 5/5
Jerk 5/5
Upright row 2 hand x 10
Swing 5/5
Dl x 10.
All done with a 53

Clean and presses not a problem. Javorek
Circuit was fucking nasty. Took me 1/2 hour just to be able to type. When I can hit 4 circuits with only a couple minutes rest in between I'll report back. That might take a month or two though.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Protein sparing modified fast is a very low calorie diet comprised of just protein. Lyle macdonald has a great book called rapid fat loss. His site is Be forewarned if you try it it's tough. You have no energy. Zero. None.

Workout post

Been hiking around and moving. Carrying furniture up stairs ect. Down a few lbs. But I need to do more. So I broke out the bickerballs. Then I got schweatyballs. Lol.

53 lb kettlebell one hand swings. Sets of ten.
Set the timer to ten minutes. Made it to 3 minutes. Strength wasn't an issue lungs were.