Monday, July 31, 2006

Slacking at keeping my log

No Deb I am still blitzkrieging myself, I have just been slacking on bloging them.
this week I tommorrow is conditioning day that means snatches of the high volume variety. Oxygen debt, lactic acid buildup, forearms that fel likethey are going to explode..................good times.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

PR today

floor press 3x3 with Bulldog PR
2 hand swing 3x5 bulldog
bent over row 3x3 bulldog
transfer swings navel level 3 transfers each hand PR
one legged deadlift 4 singles each leg

2 Personal Records in one workout, HELL YA.
Very excited about the floor press PR, it means I can work my pressing muscles directly with the weight I want to press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaving all the crap behind.

Yeah, so I consider my self a pretty laid back dude. Somebody doesn't like me, their loss. Life takes an unexpected turn, no big deal. I borrowed a philosopy I read about from a natural bodybuilder ( he was natural and got up to 300 lbs and lean before self-admittedly starting steroids, then he died ).
It is called the Winnie-the-Pooh philisophy, just never get rattled. There are some BIG reasons that this is good. ANY negative emotions or stress will dump large amounts of cortisol in our systems, wich in the long run can illness, may be linked to cancer and carves out muscle tissue like mad. Basically we are in control of our own state of mind and our hormonal system doesn't distinguish the stress caused by injury or the fight or flight response as any different than that of an argument with a relative.
So anyway we move u to the pines and I am expecting to feel this great relief, wich I did. but i had this strange disconnected feeling that haunted me, and it was not change. I thrive on change, I miss it, I need it.
As I was taking Barb home from work i figured it out, I was not used to the calm in my head, I didn't constatly have to do do self- checks to calm down and focus my energy in a positive manner. This left a lot of CPU space open for other things, and it felt weird to be me for a while ( well weirder than usuall ).
I love Barb for giving me a family, I love Barb for loving me, I love her for opening her house to me when she said she would never let another guy in there again.
I love her independance. I love the fact that she managed to keep the house in a divorce so she could give it to her kids.
But I HATED the area, dirty, nasty, crack-filled, hookerville. I am sure I sound pretentious because there are places in Phoenix that are WAY worse, in fact a mile east of where we lived it started getting very nice. But none-the-less I didn't like living there, and when that spiritual challange was removed it really took a week or so to adjust.
I took the kids swimming yesterday and laughed, really laughed, for the first time since we have been here. Man was this move good for us in so many ways...........

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

conditioning day

barbell press
70lbs x 5 reps
65lbs x reps
done in am still VERY light

pm workout
still sore in lower back
so I did some hand to hand stuff, tried some H2H cleans, forward flips, backward flips, DARC swings ect, no format, just an equall amount of reps or tries each hand
took 15 min

then 4 sets of 15 thrusters 2 each hand
10 minutes


Was very hungry earlier so I went to the Prescott Brewing Company for some 1/2 priced appitizers. And yes I went there for the food, even the appitizers ROCK. Spicy artichoke/spinich dip to be exact.......yum.
Well on the way there I saw a javelina, a racoon, and several bunnies. I stopped in amazement when I saw the javelina just walking along side the road, I pulled over and watched it walk along the shoulder. Of course a friendly neighborhood cop stopped and asked what I was doing. I told him that I moved here from Phoenix and just was surprised to see wildlife in town, funny thing was we stood outside our cars and watched the javelina saunter off into the night. Me and a cop just chillin' how absolutely insanely damn crazy is that????
So I get to the brewery and it is just closing due to the lack of buisiness, this is very dissapointing.
The bartender shines me on to a local joint around the corner, I go. It was exactly what I was needed. The place is in a historic building with a 100 year old backbar, and crazy antique plaster ceilings. AND good beer on tap. Bartender was very nice, as were the VERY eclectic group of patrons. Somehow in the discovery of my new enviroment food fell to the wayside. I had my limit ( two beers ) and played 2 games of pool. Both of wich I won in commanding fashion.
I came home and managed to find remenants of food to consume.
Oh and by the way it was 72 degrees on the drive home, and the stars where out........

Monday, July 24, 2006

Strength day

strength day
early am
shoulder width barbell overhead press to the front
65 lbs x 5 reps
3 min later
60 lbs x 5 reps
I am going to do this movement PttP style untill I gain enough strength to press the bulldog.

bent over row 3x3 with the bulldog
2 hand swing 3 x 5 with the bulldog
2 hand clean to 10 second static hold 3 singles each side
suitcase deadlift to static 10 second holds 3x3

Friday, July 21, 2006

Conditioning day

conditioning day
snatches with 44 lb'r
pause between each arm
15 r
15 l
10 r
10 l
10 r
10 l
sets over 10 kill me, KILL ME, guess that is what I need though. Especially if I am going to get 200 reps in 10 minutes with the 53'lbr
Feeling good though, new template is working very well.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Workout posts

OK life is returning to normal again and I am going to start posting my workouts again
Strength Day
Used 88 lb kettlebell
clean and push press w/ static hold to negative military press
10 second hold x 2 l/r
bent over row 2x2 l/r
one legged deadlift 2x1 l/r
2 handed swings 2x5
clean static hold 1/1 10 seconds each
The larger kettlebells just PULL a persons body off balance. You have to constantly fight to keep the wrist and forearm strong, core tense, and keep tension in the back.
FUN, FUN, FUN though to work with a heavy one!!

Move to Prescott

OK everybody the move went well. We just got internet and cable installed a few hours ago so we can keep in touch with everybody and blog and stuff.

Just got back from downtown, had a picnic at the Prescott courthouse ( I know sounds weird but it is a historic building surrounded by lush grass and mature oak and elm trees ). It is a local gathering place where people walk their dogs, get married, and an interperative dance class meets.

75 degrees there at the time. Yup, 75 degrees.

And Deb come up anytime. Seriously, leave a message for Barb on her blog about what days she works. We'll head out to the lake or whatnot.

Trailady, I am sorry to hear about your problems. Problems with marriage mates suck so bad.
Me and Barb have had some typical marriage/kids/money/stress stuff that we worked through, and even those minor problems BITE.
And if you ever need to talk more privately e-mail me or Barb, Barb has been through the ringer with guys and yet she still manages to give really good relationship advice.

Friday, July 14, 2006

So hot today

It was so hot today I saw a tree panting........

Seriously though it was 113 degrees today, and they measure the temperature at the airport where it is a little cooler than central/west phoenix. Earlier I was at 23 Ave and Camelback and the temperature gauge read 120 degrees........

Prescott high for today 94, low 70 and yes for anybody reading 94 in the summer is a damn God send, especially when it cools off as soon as the sun sets!

Moving tommorrow, can't wait.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Van meltdown

OK so we have this really cool '95 chevy conversion van. It has room for everybody in the family ( 7 adults seated easily ). It has a really cool electric seat that folds into a bed, way cool rope lights that make it look like a 70's disco.
We got it at a time when we desperately needed a vehicle.
And it kinda typifies my personality, quirky, utilatarian, unpretentious.
Well the van overheated badly one day and shortly therafter started smoking quite badly. This is usually indicitive of a blown head gasket a relatively simple repair.........not so in this case.
Overheating caused warped crank, very, very bad juju for the van.
3000-4000 dollar repair.
And we need a vehicle by WEDNESDAY to go to Prescott and have Barb do a fit test.
So we went to a Kia dealer today and applied to get a Kia minivan, we were ASTOUNDED by the payments we would be tied down to, so we declined the offer. But we did find a 2002 Chrysler minivan that we could afford.
We ended up getting it, trading in the old van in and having them pay off the balance of a title loan we had on it.
I would have been satisfied with WAY less nice of a vehicle, it looks like a pretentious soccer mom Scottsdale ( Snobbsdale ) yuppie van.
BUT I have to say that I, Barb, and the kids LOVE it. It fits our need as well or better than the old van, and it is way more reliable. And it gets 3 times the MPG so that is a HUGE plus.
A funny thing that happened ( and it is the way this whole move is going ), they offered to put a DVD player in the van and have it written in in the loan. We though that would be goo for the kids. Then we found out the few extra dollars would stop the loan from going through, really not a big deal.
When we were driving home I realized it already had a DVD player with surround sound and we didn't need to pay extra for it!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

New PR

Push pressed the Bulldog both arms today, could not do it yesterday. Got stronger from yesterday to today, easy as that!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sore today

OK Thursday I did this
bench 175lbs 3x3
bent over row 135 3x3
deadlift 225 3x3
Went sorta light cause it's been a while since I actually lifted because of my hand.
No problems though, weights WAY light.
Fri I got my Bulldog, Friday was a conditioning day, but I couldn't resist messing with the Bulldog.
Results were as follows,
Side press right side, done
Side press left side, failed
swings to chest/eye level done
floor press, failed
snatch, failed
push press failed
clean&jerk failed
bent over row, done
suitcase deadlift done
one handed farmers walk done
thumbles one handed farmers walk done but HARD
Then I had conditioning to do so i did 4 sets of 20 reps with the 44lbr sprint snatches Hard Style ( no energy saving techniques )
Starting from my calves to my traps I have varying degrees of soreness throughout my body, including those deep ab twitches from deadlifting......YAY

I read an interesting workout design.....well not so much a design as template for a strength AND conditioning program. Basically 2 strength days a week and 2 conditioning days a week so
mon strength
tue conditioning

thur strength
fri conditioning

I have decided on some goals
conditioning first goal and the most important at the moment.
200 reps in the SSST
it is a brutal snatch test used by the secret service to test will power and physical preparadness
10 minutes with the 53 lb kettlebell as many reps as you can get. It sounds easy, it's not.

Goal 2 500 lb deadlift on a 1 and 3/8 inch thickbar
Goal 3 Clean and press ladder 1-5 x 5 sets with the Bulldog
Goal 4 Bench 315 x 1
Goal 5 tactical ( thumbless pullup ) ladders 1-5 x 5 sets
Goal 6 no set close a Beef Builder Elite gripper
These are LIFETIME type goals so it will be a while before I can accomplish them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

OH MAN is Roycie a happy camper today.......

88 lb kettlebell today, got a smokin' deal on a used on. ALL I GOT'S TO SAY IS DAMN THAT THING IS HEAVY!!!!!!

the 88 and 106 lb kettlebells have nicknames, the 88 is a Bulldog and the 106 is the Beast.

I got home and put it through the paces seeing what I could and could not do with it compared to a 44 lb bettlebell, lets just say I have a LONG way to go....LOL.

I was already sore from Thursday's workout ( couldn't post internet was down ), and I put my body through hell today so I think I will be quite sore tommorow!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independance Day all

Let's take a momen to reflect on all our freedoms and liberties, and the people who died to give them to us..................

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Moving and workouts

Haven't posted a workout log in a little while, this pesky wrist/tendon deal has interfered greatly. But I think I am better, I have said that before then worked out and couldnt close my hand the next day though....LOL.
Wed. I did 2 sets of TGU's ( Turkish Get Up, slow whole body lift )
10 sets of 2 handed swings
I was limping around because my hammies were sore untill yesterday, felt good though to be sore because I did something good and not have the tendon pain.

I really like the simplicity of the TGU/swing workout, and it allows me to concentrate on what I really need to do. CARDIO with the swings.

We are definately moving, don't exactly know when, but Barb's start date is 7/17 and we got approved for the re-financing of the house.
Lots and Lots of good energy invovled in the move, for instance we are refinancing to to get some cash out for the move and pay off some pesky bills.
The loan officer called us and said she might not be able to give us any cash above our bills, we were COUNTING on that money, but we buckled down and tried to figure out what we would do without it. And we came up with a plan.
Well the final word came down and the dude we are going to actually sign the papers with called us and said they ARE going to give us cash and wanted to know if the amount was ok.................50% MORE THAN THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT.
Anyway not trying to brag, it really is not a lot of money and we have to spend a good amount of it on our apartament lease, but it is just how this whole thing has gone. One door closes and three open up.

On the investing front I got filled on a Rough Rice call option on Tuesday and am already up 16%, annualize that out!!!
If rice has another day or 2 like fFriday I will liquidate. I am shooting for 100% profit, but when it reaches my planned exit point I will sell even if it has not reached my goal profit point.