Monday, April 26, 2010

Food addiction

Ok moment of truth for Roycie. I was doing low carb/low cal. Wich sucks. Workouts suck. Elizabeth suggested the no s diet wich I looked at. I like the enforced moderation of the whole concept. It looks like a truly simple lifestyle change. So I decided to give it a try in conjunction with kettlebells as opposed to his ( very cool ) sledgehammer training. It's all about portion controll and moderation. Move more eat less. 3 meals a day no snacks no seconds. I thought it would totally be easy to implement. I like protien, I like veggies, and I get to have some moderate carbs too. WRONG.
I cannot believe how addicted I am to food and constant grazing, I was in the kitchen about 10 times today mindlessly looking for snacks. I just drank water between meals and didn't cheat. But my god!! I'm
Going crazy. Un-freaking-believable. Really, I'm shocked. I have no idea how much I was eating like that even with low carb.


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