Friday, July 27, 2007


No internet access till a week from today. I ao need to get done with school.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey Aaron

I know you prefer guns to blades. But I thought I'd show you my primary home defense tool. LOL. and no I do not make a habit of cutting paper, it's the only way to show it's a live blade.

In the park today

kb squat 6/6
pushup 15

row 12/12
clean and press 8/8

windmill 5/5
hanging leg raises 5 temp is 4/2/1 I have to do these fast though or it no workie

4 rounds on everything, except finisher.


Finally got my eyes over my hands on a true Tactical Pullup, next goal get my freakin double chin over my hands. LOL. Youtube is being tempermental. I'll upload a vid in a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Christine ( aka the Mommy )

Hey I just read your blog. 520 reps with the 18lbr. Rock the fuck on woman!!

Oh yeah your little group of neo-nazi mommies fuck 'em. Lemme tell you a story.

I married Barb with 4 kids, 3 of them were school aged and were going to a private christian 7th Day Adventist school. It's a christian school right, so the people should behave nicely yeah..I mean that do unto others part of the bible is pretty plain, yeah? Not hardly. They were a bunch of backstabbing judgemental twits to say the least. I'm a non-thiest secular humanist with a proclivity towards athiesim. Wich means I think a lion, a rose and a human all have something in common, we don't need to believe in a god to be the best thing that we are. Or we don't need to believe in God to reach our highest order of spirituality. This belief system was extremely unsettling to the people at that school. They could barely talk to me with being visibley uncomfortable. And I was definately not the "right" kind of father.
But you know what I have a better relationship with my wife and kids than 99% of them do. People who judge you can go to hell.

Ya' know what I hate. Politics involved with lifting a weight.

Be it barbell or kettlebell. In 3 weeks I'm adding big compound movements back into my routine. Low volume barbell lifts, high volume KBs. I don't know if it will work while still trying to shed another 40 or so Lbs. If it doesn't, I'll drop them.

See I hate the GS vs HS thing that happened, I wish Catherine Imes and Paul Tucker and all those folks still posted on DD.

I found a cool ass sight called, it was exactly what I wanted to find. Raw drug free PLrs, their insights, training logs and comraderie. Then I log on today and see this.

I'm sorry but if a 500 lb raw bencher masters a shirt and gets 700 lbs then good on him. He still has to support that weight with his joints and tendons, and I'm sure there is a psychological impact that I will never know with huge squats and benches where the bar is trying to crush you.

Damn, it's a weight, it won't solve world hunger, or the aids epidemic. They won't help global warming or solve the judeo-christian/muslim/oil/"holy land" struggle that will probably get us all nuked someday.

I just want to get stronger/faster/leaner/more explosive, learn to controll my mind better, and watch other people do the same thing. Is it too much to ask.

Discoordinated rambling sorry.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who ever sad healthy has to taste bad

pickled artichoke hearts
parmesian cheese

A side note to eating like this, well first some history on me. I lived in Illinois untill I was 10 and lived in the country untill I was 8. My mom had a HUGE garden where I consumed massive amounts of organic fruits and veggies, long before organic was chic. My mom also canned so we had "fresh" fruits and veggies in the winter. We drank whole milk by the gallon, but it was pure organic milk and usually gotten from trade. We had a french neighbor that made organic cheeses. We also ate plenty off fresh fish and some game.

At 10 we moved to Texas for my Dads job where the soil is poor and we ate far less clean. Lots of meat with hormones and shitty veggies. They tased like cardboard to me. The later we moved to Arizona. I grew up. I ate what everyone else ate around me. Fast foods and horrible tasting meats, fruits and veggies, sour tasting milk and shitloads of pasta and grains. I started getting HORRIBLE allergies. Bad bad allergies. Where is this going?

One allergy I have is to cats. Since I virtually eliminated grains and dairy they're gone. GONE. Fucking gone. we've had cats in the house for SEVERAL days now. 5 minutes with a cat would have normally put me out of commission for the rest of the day. Migranes, eyes would almost swell shut. Sneezing uncontrollabley. Gone, it's all gone. I have spent thousands and probably 10,000 dollars over the past 15 years on medicine and doctors visits.

Guess Barry Sears knows his shit!

I haven't been able to wear this shirt for over a year

shaved and trimmed up the goatee for school. shows my double chin. Yuck. But still STOKED that this shirt fits very comfortabley ( my belly used to hang out of the bottom ).

Sholy Hit

Monster session today. I had to do a strength interval and and Interval interval.
A2 Pullup ( -50 lbs with JS band )

B1 reverse lunge
B2 snatch

C1 slingshot
C2 pushup

Lead boots

took 44 minutes to complete

Then I had to do

Jumping jacks
Jumping Jacks
jumping jacks
3 minutes rest x 4 rounds

No way in freakin hell I could do it as written took me 93 minutes to make it through the interval after the strength workout

137 minutes today. A worked out outside on my front porch. It was raining but it's a covered porch. Hooked my JS band over the support beam.
90 degrees and 100% humidity. Chalk turned to paste, drank an entire gallon of water and was only a pound heavier after the workout. Yeesh this one hurt, I want my mommy.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Went and dropped off paperwork to Nursing school

Still have a few minor details to tend to ( aren't there always ). 2 of my former instructors gave me several compliments on loosing weight ( both female hee hee ). Damn it feels good.


I need to update my link list.

workout post

Interval A
all with 53
slingshot 1:00
jumping jacks 1:00
slingshot 1:00
swings 30 seconds ( 8/8 )
jumping jacks 90 seconds
6 rounds 3 minutes between rounds. I got all the rounds without having to stop before the rest period today!

just looks so much easier than it is.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Why Americans are fat

8000 calorie hamburger

So the owner of the heart attack grill used to own a chain of fitness clubs that appearantly didn't do well. But he always heard his customers planning on cheating on their diets so he decided to give them what they wanted. The worst possible fast food available.
This place was an icon in Tempe for a while ( I never knew it existed, and I love Tempe ) then they closed down. Now it's opening back up near my house. There is literally a hysteria over the opening. Last night when i checked to see what all the fuss was I thought it was all just kinda silly. Really bad food for you served by half-dressed women. Hell Hooters has been around for 25 years or something, so this idea is far from revolutionary. This morning I woke I feel great I'm 262 wich is officially the half way mark for me. I feel light. Its an amazing feeling to actually choose a goal and follow through. I just felt kinda sad for the people who are standing around waiting to devour 8000 calorie hamburgers.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Man I don't even want to blog this cause I feel like an idiot.

I couldn't find my workout worksheet thursday so I did an interval that I had already blogged. Then I went Friday and reprinted the sheets. Then I was looking for a secure place to put my stuff and came up with my school folder I keep on shelf. Wouldn't you know it, that's where I put the other ones. I put it up and couldn't find it, and I blamed the kids. Now I feel like a jackass AND an idiot. I need a vacation, I'm doing stuff like this more and more.

And of course I screwed the pooch too. These last 3 days were supposed to be.
thur strength
fri interval
sat strength
DW has the intervals set up as a break in between strength days. Makes sense.

What I ended up doing was

1nterval strength strength

Friday's workout
A1 TGU 5/5
A2 Pullup 8( had to use 50lb jumpstretch band as assistance )

B1 reverse lunge 12/12
B2 snatch 10/10
This was brutal on my legs, my legs started they feel like they were mired in muck. And I lost my balance a few times.

C1 slingshot 20/20
C2 pushup 10 reps

lead boots ( holy shit is this aptly named )
8 reverse lunges per leg
15 bodyweight squats
8 alternating jump lunges per leg ( jump my ass, my feet BARELY got off the ground )
15 jump squats.

All I gotta say is fuck me.

I wasn't looking forward to today.
I grabbed my 53 and went to the park because I'm always more motivated there. There are people always around and I feel like they can tell when i'm slacking even if they can't.

A1 squat 6/6 (he has it written as 12 reps I just switch sides after 6)
A2 pushup 15

B2 row 12/12
B2 clean and press 8/8

C1 windmill 5/5
C2 hanging leg raise 5

finisher pushup/swing 3/10 6/15 9/20

I ain't gunna lie I can't get all the reps with out stopping especially the slow pushups and clean and presses. I make sure I get the number of reps written but the pushups on the last set were 3x5 with maybe 20-30 seconds rest between them.

The finishers I MAKE myself do as written. Fuck are the hard.

Friday, July 20, 2007


will blog workout tommorrow.

Blatant milk add

but it's funny as hell. I can't tell wether milk is good for us or not, but the little insult to soda in here is really clever.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gosh dang ding dangit

I have a very specific place I keep my printed workouts. And I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer so I have to go the an internets cafe if I loose the sheets my workout circuits are printed on and reprint them. The problem with having 5 kids 4 dogs and any number of houseguests at any one moment is that fact that nothing is sacred. I can't find my workout sheet. SO I think I'm supposed to do the intervals again wich I did. I will reprint everyting tommorrow and if I'm wrong and I slacked I will punish myself. SNATCHES TO ANY COWARDS OR SLACKERS.

used a 53 rested more than I care to admit BUT I definately felt stronger today.
slingshot 60 seconds
jumping jacks 60 seconds
slingshot 60 seconds
swings 30 seconds
jumping jacks 90 seconds

6 rounds.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I got my two little pest classes all straghtened out and I'm done. So next week I get to apply to Nursing School. YEEHAWWWW.


Haven't done high rep grinds in a long time, There isn't a place on me that isn't sore to some degree. now I gotta go sit in school for several hours and get stiff. LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm SO going to stop underestimating the circuits

David Whitley gives me.

One KB front squat w/70 6/6 started with 70 and dengrated to 53 A1
pushup 15 reps A2
4 rounds

Row with 53 12/12 B1
C&P w/53 8/8 B2
4 rounds

windmill w 53 5/5 C1
Hnaging leg raises 5 reps C2

3 pushups 10 swings
6 pushups 15 swings
9 pushups 20 swings

So as Aarron so accurately described kettlebell practice. I had to adjust my expectations downwards.
First of all when I looked at this circuit design I didn't think it would be that bad, cause well, to be frank there were not that many ballistics in it. But what Devil Dave did was manipulate the TUT. So it was slow training. After it was al done I started calculating times. Its roughly a 2/1 work/rest ratio 2 minutes on 1 minute off. Off course by the end it was at leats a 1/1 work rest ratio. HOWEVER I made myself do the finisher as written. I sat on my bench for a long time sipping water trying to keep from vomiting.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Seariously What the Fuck??

Tom Furhman posted this on his site, I usually don't repost stuff that I don't find myself. This is an exception. I am speechless....................

workout post

slingshot 60 seconds
jumping jacks 60 seconds
slingshot 60 seconds
swings 30 seconds
jumping jacks 90 seconds

x 6 rounds used a 53 lb bell

I thought this was going to be easier than it was.............


So I have 2 buggered courses. They are only 1 credit classes that makes it even more irritating GRRRRGH.

So I went and got it solved today. I was prepared for the worst and hoped for the best, as with most things the truth lied somewhere in the middle. Exact middle in this case. I get to take the final on one class tommorrow as is, and I have to completely redo the other course, BUT, i saved all my course work and e-mailed it to myself, it's minute but time consuming stuff. So as of right now I'm about 1/2 way done with the calss. Who knows maybe I'll be taking 2 finals tommorrow

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Active recovery

walked 2 miles. Easy stroll. Legs and abs are sore today. wanted to get them moving and get the stiffness worked out.

264 this morning 2 lbs more and I'm halfway to my goal of 220. This means I've officially lost 19 lbs since the competition started and 40 lbs exactly from my heaviest weight.

Can the congregation of KBs stand up and give a big HELL YEAH.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Workout post

Holy crap am I an addict, I can't walk past a KB without doing something with it. My 88 is in the car and I took Barb to work, I passed perilously close to a park and jujst had to play. I almost wasn't going to blog about it 'cause I SHOULD be letting my freakin sore hammies heal. LOL

Litvinov complexes.
Bulldog clean and front squat 5/5 ass on calves ( clean before each squat )
200 yard run/walk/limp/crawl just however much speed my lungs and legs could muster. wich wasn't much.

5 rounds lots of rest between rounds.


So of course now that I wanted to get to sleep early

(Warning the following content is REALLY boring to most people. )

I'm wired like a bastard. Been pretty introspective for the last few days. Thinking about goals, school, workouts ect. Reading, contemplating, and just plain ole' reckoning.

One of my hobbies and actually a real passion of mine is being a commodities speculator. Although I'm definately in the plus side when it comes to profit vs loss I doubt I'll ever get rich at it.

A while back we were in desperate need of money so I closed out my account and took care of stuff, this is the second time I've done that. So for a while now I haven't had an account. I really enjoy sitting down and searching through the charts, looking for formations and trends. I know this sounds incredibely boring espescially since I have come to terms with the fact that it's just a hobby, and only marginally profitable at best. But I love it.

There is something so rewarding about getting filled on an order that you place along side huge corporations and watching it gain profit then selling it in an instant.

The best trade yet was an Orange Juice option that I bought for 160 bucks including commission and sold 3 weeks later for over 900 bucks. There were over 18,000 of those buggers for sale on the day I bought mine. I was happy with my little one all by it's lonesome. I've had many options double in short order and of course had several expire worthless too. Can't win em all.

So for about a year I haven't been paying attention to the markets and it's left a wee little hole in my annalytical side. So I decided to fill it tonight. I started paper trading again. It's learning the basics all over again. It's the kettlebell equivelant of stopping your program and working the 2hand swing only. So I created 2 seperate folders on my desktop with text documents and am trading two different (fake) accounts with two completely seperate strategies.
I sat down and looked at all the markets tried to identify different formations and came up with 2 seperate trades tonight. It left me with a warm little glow in the pit of my stomach. I feel good now.

Friday, July 13, 2007


shitty one today. Hammies and glutes are sore and this deal with school has me bummed. Low energy low low low. Actually just wanted to sit on the couch skip the damn workout and get drunker than 3 Irish sailors on shore leave. But that solves nothing.

Tgu 8 minutes alternating hands each rep.
2 pood 1/1
53 2/2
44 for several
18 for the rest
Breathin hard and sweatin right here.

one hand swing 60 seconds on 60 seconds off 18 minutes
didn't make the whole 18 minutes, didn't count the reps. Just prayed, cussed, slogged,begged and bargained through it. the whole thing was hell, but I'm damn glad I did it. Going to bed early tonight. Tommorrow is a new day.

David Whitley asked me to sign a personal commitment document to garauntee I would complete the workouts he prescribed. I didn't like it at the time but I did it anyway. If i had not I would have skipped today I know it.
Thanks David.

When life hands you lemons

chop the fucking lemon tree down and use the wood to smoke your steak on the grill. Fucking smug-ass little punk lemons. Fuck them.

So I completed both of my internet classes. These were the last 2 credits I needed to apply for nursing school, wich I planned on doing Monday. I went to take the finals for both classes on Thursday, turns out the fucking lemon tree is in full fruit ( fucking irritating lemons ). At the beggining of class on the login page there is are two options. One gives you the class before they updated it, the other is the current curriculum. Of course I chose the wrong option. The difference between the two classes is miniscule, minute, hell tiny even. Both classes were broken down into 46 lessons I completed 39 on each class. I could finish the 14 I missed in a couple of days no problem, and still take the final tommorrow evening. HOWEVER no one at the school knows how to reset the class, or if I have to take the whole thing over again. It's a college and nobody knows nuttin'. Fucking lemons.

I hate Lemons like Aarron hates aliens.

So the dude that I need to see only works Mon-Wed. So I go to school on Monday and see what I need to do. I'm going with the fatalistic approach here, I need to take both classes over again, that way if there is even a glimmer of good news I will be happy. The good thing is that even if I have to take the classes over again I e-mailed my classwork to myself, so I should be able to whizz through both classes in under a week and apply next Monday. Sheesh.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I was bitching about carpal tunnel syndrome....

and my friend Tina sends me this e-mail. She doesn't even know I blog, or have carpal tunel syndrome. The universe has a sense of humor. Don't believe me look at a Platypus.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome has become a scourge among today's active and computer literate population. Men, especially, are becoming afflicted with this serious health problem.

To help stamp out carpal tunnel syndrome, new mouse pads have been devised to assist men in their computer operations.

Ergonomically-correct mouse pads such as these will enable men to avoid the pain and suffering associated with this serious health concern.

No, I don't have the ordering information........ yet.


TGU 5 minutes straigh switching hands after 3 reps 44 lbr the whole time :-)
2 hand swings with 53
4 sets of 30 EECH

Heat tolerance is going up. This is a usefull skill to have in AZ. LOL. Tossing around the KB in the snooty park down the street from my house. All the Arcadia soccer moms steered clear of me under the little shade tree tossing around the black orb of pain. They actually walked way far around me to get to the playground. The funny thing was that by the 4rth set of 30 I was almost crawling on the ground. Funny stuff.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

25 fitness tips from Covert Baily

Some I agree with, some I don't. But overall it's very balanced perspective. I wonder what would happen if someone gave him a KB.

1 Exercise. If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medicine in the world.

2 Eat a balanced diet, lower in fat, lower in sugar and higher in fiber.

3 Diets don’t work. Exercise is the bottom line behavior for weight management.

4 Throw away your scales. Measuring your body fat is a better indicator of health than your weight.

5 When trying to lose fat, aim for a maximum of 2 pounds a week.

6 If spot reducing worked, people who chew gum would have skinny faces.

7 Crash dieting, over exercising and fasting will slow down your metabolism.

8 People don’t stop exercising because they grow old, they grow old because they stop exercising.

9 It’s easy to lose weight. The challenge is to keep it off. Exercise works.

10 Don’t worry so much about your heart rate when you exercise. Use common sense and pace yourself so you can talk.

11 When you exercise, remind yourself, “I’m building fat-burning enzymes.”

12 If you get out of breath when you exercise, you’re going too fast.

13 One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise.

14 The older you are, the more important it is that you exercise. Exercise makes bones denser. Exercise helps maintain mobility.

15 Labels don’t lie, but liars write labels.

16 Statistics are like bikinis. They only reveal half the truth.

17 Upper-body weight training will help women maintain lean body mass.

18 More muscle equals less workout time.

19 Don’t say, “I don’t eat red meat.” Say, “I don’t eat greasy meats.”

20 There’s no such thing as cellulite. The word was dreamed up by people with products to market to describe skin with texture that shows underlying fat on some women more than others.

21 The best aerobic exercise is the one you’ll do every day.

22 The best time to exercise is when you will do it.

23 If you don’t seem to be getting more fit, you may be exercising too hard.

24 If you exercise more than 45 minutes 5 days a week, you aren’t doing it for fitness sake.

25 Beware of medically monitored diet programs. If you need a doctor, there must be something wrong.

Although he didn't advocate HIIT cardio per say I do remember him saying that the best way to get in shape was to jog on a street with many streetlights or utility poles. Jog to the first one, sprint to the next, repeat untill fit.


It's 1 am and my right wrist hurts so bad I can't sleep. I have 2 online classes that when I finish them I can apply to nursing school, so I've been on the computer non-stop trying to get them done. I have mild carpal tunnel syndrome anyway but it hasn't bothered me in a LONG time, I think it's inflamed. Fuck it's uncomfortable. Ice and advil.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


fine I saw the vid on Rifs blog and had to bench :-) Hammies are sore but chest and tris are fine.
205x5, 185x5

No PttP today

hammies are SORE.
tgu 4 minutes with 44
4 minutes with 18b.
one hand swing w 53
20 ( cussing like a mofo right here )
165 swings. 3 sets of 30 almost killed me. Not really but damn.

Monday, July 09, 2007

David Whitley is the devil ( J/K)

seriously just when I was getting my mind wrapped around 5 minutes straight of TGU, he makes it 3 reps a side before switching.
And 1 minute straight on the swings UGH.

OK first of all, don't do TGU's in dead grass it sticks to your sweat, it's bad, you itch like hell.

I always think I'm tougher than I am ( guess that makes me a guy huh ) I only brought my 53 lb KB.

3 minutes in the TGUs I had to do 1/2 ups, shoulders were shakey babey.
Swings 1 minute on got 30 reps the first set 8 sets total

140 swings totall but damn did it seem like more, those high rep sets SUCK DONKEY ASS.

Before KBs who knew that 53 lbs of pigiron and a little timer could kill you so completely. I feel like dead meat at the end of these type of workouts ( but as Pavel says much leaner dead meat ). By the time I got home I felt amazingly good albiet a little itchy :-)

Workout post

Reread PttP this weekend. adjujsted form a little on DL. makes a difference.

I love the fact that there is so much to learn about lifting, really keeps it interesting.

Bench 200x5,180x5
DL 250x5,225x5

Really got the feeling of taking the slack out of the bar today, it makes a HUGE difference. Plus I stood up shook off and retensed between each rep. Also I found when taking the "slack" out of the bar I actually pulled myself closer because I pulled my shoulders into their sockets much more. Made the whole process feel more like lifting with my whole body and not just my legs.

David Whitley killer circuit tonight in the park. Taking my gymboss and kbs to the park for some outside fun :-)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Workout post and gymboss fun

First of all a HUGE thanks to Aaron as my gymboss came today. That is a damned cool little tool.
Bench 195x5, 180x5
DL245x5 220x5
DW Workout B1
TGU 8 minute
Swing 15
this was the AM workout then in the PM my gift of a gymboss came so I just HAD to go try Tabata sprints. I mean what the hell else was I supposed to do. JEEZ.

Full power sprints 20 seconds
rest 10

did 3 rounds, crap is that intense. Hammies and back were sore from snatches swings DL's and now some sprints on top of that. 2 days off sounds lovely.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Ok I have fully embraced a low carb/high veggie/high protien/high fat diet. And it's in the true sense of the word diet wich actually means just what you eat today. When somebody says "What was the Neanderthals diet primarily made up of?" There wasn't horde's of Neanderthals standing around saying "Gee I'm looking pudgy and I can't fit into my loincloth anymore, I'm going on the earthworm and mastadon diet for 6 weeks." It means what they ate in general. So I don't even feel like I'm on a "diet" except for the fact that I still have to limit intake ( calories ).
I actually have much more energy generally eating like this. My craving for simple sugars has almost disapeared ( except for beer cravings and I suspect that alcoholism not sugar ). I don't even think about it anymore, it's just habit now.
A typical day looks like this.
breakfast 4 eggs and 2 slices off cheese
snack blended protien shake with milled flaxseed
Lunch chicken breast with veggies
snack protien shake again with milled flaxseed
dinner either eggs or another chicken breast. although the past week or so has been steak.

I also try to get veggies with dinner and spinach and mushrooms in the omlette.

The only real food carbs I CRAVE anymore involves fat too, like grilled cheese sandwich or pizza.

workout and V02 max

DL 240x5,215x5
Bench 190x5,170x5

Ok tried the 15 second on 15 second off approach to snatches with the 20 kg

8 snatches per 15 seconds.
Can I just say HOLY HELLLL. I got 12 rounds. Supposed to work up to 50 rounds, holy shit. My legs were shakey after that. 96 snatches in 6 minutes, sheesh.

50 rounds would be approxiamatly 400 snatches in 25 minutes. Good god.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

workout post

foods intake has been good. I am 265 right now almost 20 lbs down since the comp. started. Happy with my desicion to do pttp. Back feels fine ( of course the cycle hasn't gotten heavy yet ). I miss box squats though. Thy are seriously cool. Plus they really let me sit back and stretch. DL is still my favorite move of all time I think.

DL 235x5,210x5
bench 185x5,165x5

light light light.

can't wait till its 225+ and 405+

also can't wait till I'm below 220. Freakin hate dieting. HATE IT. LOL

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

workout post

bench 180x5,160x5
DL 230x5,205x5
Both felt light add 25 lbs a week and it'll add up.

back felt fine today very little soreness.

Tgu 8 minutes.
44 for the first 4 mintes 18lbr for the next 4 got all 8 minutes
swing with 53 broke 150 got 160 reps. Hell yeah. I'm getting more endurance again.

I so need to get up earlier

I want to train on an empty stomach espescially the circuits, but KBs must be done in the garage, and my digital thermomometer said it was 117 outside my house today. So it will be another 11 O'clock workoujt today. :-)

This guy needs to see an RKC

and possibly a surgeon for his shoulder.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hard style VS GS

This is an article by Andrey Kuzmin a GS competitor. He has a great site too, showing GS techniques. I found his last statement intersting. In fact I found the whole article interesting. It seems that there are Russian strength atheletes using Hard Style mechanics. Or rather for the sake of not arguing, strength atheletes seek fatigue.

I have always respected and admired GS for being one of the TOUGHEST sports in the world. I hate the division that happened.

Andrey Kuzmin
When Girevoy Sport was young, competitors used the power jerk technique where the elbows did not touch the stomach. They did it because they were not allowed to rest with kettlebells on the chest. The referee did not allow them to hold kettlebells there more than few seconds, so they did not care on how to hold the kettlebells there. The power jerk, although not longer practiced in competition because it is more tiring, is a good way to train your shoulders and triceps. But the Girevoy Sport was evolving and coaches were looking for ways to improve the technique. Soon they figured out that when you put your elbows on your stomach or on the belt you can relax your whole body and arms so you can get more reps, many more reps. In addition to a better rest between reps, the new rack enabled the competitors to bump the kettlebells with their stomachs, up and forward, during the drive. That resulted in more reps. After these changes in the technique some gireviks were able to jerk 2x32kg for a hour or even more without any rest! That’s why a 10 minutes limit were introduced in the GS competition rules… To sum up the differences between the old power jerk and the new GS jerk:
A different elbows position in the rack
Bumping the elbows with the stomach in the new GS jerk
Leaning back in the rack position in the new GS jerk
A greater knee dip when lowering the kettlebells from the lockout to the rack in the old power jerk than in the new GS jerkNowadays, all GS competitors use the new jerk technique, but strength athletes still use the power jerk technique to get their muscles tired faster…

Workout post

Bench 175x5, 155x5
DL 225x5, 195x5

DW Circuit A1
tgu 5 minutes straight got it all with a 44lbr
swing with 53 150 reps ( can't seem to break 150 )

OK I am so happy with this descision. It was inspired by a post from SSSGLASS where he talks about PTTP DL and dumbell snatches. SO I am going to do PTTP with DL and Bench and keep upping the KB volume. DL and Kbs are both hard on the back so the PTTP cycles will be very conservative. That 5th reps gets heavy I'm dropping back down.

As of this post it feels like a perfect combination, I still get too move some weight and loose some too hopefully with out burnout.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

So my 3 year old girl

has decided she likes chickens so much she won't eat chicken anymore. I had no idea a 3 year old was capable of a making a moral choice that deep.
Very proud of her.