Friday, June 29, 2007

Hells yeah

Holy shit am I fired up. i feel like working out again. A sure sign my endurance is on the rise again. PRed today with 1/1 TGU with the 2 pood. A couple of days ago I was pacing around the house like an animal and got all psyched and did the standing portion of the TGU with the 88. Wich is huge for me considering when i got that thing I couldn't clean it or swing it. Now I can snatch it for multiple sets of low reps ( 10x3 is the record ) damn near full TGU it. I'm close to the lightest I've been in several years.
After this cycle of circuits is over I'm going a little more freeform. Those suicide frogs were FUN as hell. I want to start EDTing clean and jerks with the 88. I've been devouring evrything I can get my hands on about carb cycling, strength, conditioning and who knows what else.
I can almost promise I'll be 220 or lower by Dec 1st.

I can't escape this hell
So many times i've tried
But i'm still caged inside

Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal(This animal, this animal)

I can't escape myself(I can't escape myself)
So many times i've lied(So many times i've lied)
But there's still rage inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself
So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become

Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
Somebody help me through this nightmare
I can't control myself
Somebody wake me from this nightmare
I can't escape this hell
(This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal)

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal(This animal I have become)

Got too smart for myself today.

8 minute continious TGUs
2 pood 1/1 PR
53 3/3
44 1/1
18 lbr for the rest of the time. But they degenerated int 1/2 TGUs freakin hard ass workout just right there.

18 minute swings w/ 53. Burned out on the TGUs only got 100 reps total.

sheesh water and food to commence.


As per the rules of the Great Pudge Off of 07. it is the 29th and I am posting pics. I will link Christines post when it's up. I also didn't get the pics in the right order. Green striped boxers are the most recent pics.
Ok I don't have measurements right now. I'll post later today. I'm 15lbs lighter than last month. Started at 283 now 268. And I had 3 bad screw up days that stalled me for several day. July will have no such days. I'm all motivated now!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

120 feet of hell.

So I decide I want to go workout today. I did swings yesterday, and I'm doing swings tommorrow. So I didn't want to do swings today, but still I wanted..............something. I was perusing the KB article section on DD the other day and re-read David Whitley's article on suicide frogs.

I figured these would be ok, especially if I didn't sprint but did more of a tempo run, like 70% of a sprint.

120 feet of fucking hell theses are.

The conditions: 109 degrees outside
The place: The shady side of the park
The implements: one 70 and one 88 lb KB and 120 feet of grass.

The rundown:

Planned 4 sets got 3

First set, couldn't make it without stopping. Developed a nasty little stitch in my right side. Sweat dripped into my ears. If Whitley lived a state closer he could have heard me cursing at him ( with all due respect ).

Second set, legs started to get really damned heavy. the stitch spread to my right kidney and up under my sternum. Rested more than I care to admit. Cursing became mental simple because I was breathing so hard I couldn't form intellagible (sp?) words. I was blowing sweat off my goatee.

Third set, force of will to stand up for the last set. 1/2 gallon of water already downed. Legs felt like I was running in mud. The stitch in my side became a general ache on my entire right side of my torso. I was gasping so hard I saw spots. Lungs started burning, abs felt worked. The workout entered that really cool zen like state where you just shut up your mind and move. Just fucking breathe and move.

Fourth set was the effort needed to keep my protien shake down.

As I sat and tried to get the courage to walke the 100 or so feet back to the van a guy walked up to me and asked what I was doing and "What in god's name are those things?" I talked to him some about KB's and their benefits and Pavel and Dragondoor. He is the first person to actually other than my wife to try a swing when I extolled the virtue of KBs. Remember my lightest one was the 2 pood, After a few tries he managed to knock out a few reps chest high in the 2 hand swing. He was extremely intersted when I talked about MMA fighter switching over to KB's and why. He also carried my 70 back to the car for me. I gave him my phone number we'll see if he's serious.

I also realized just how simple it is to get in shape. Like Mr. Whitley said a person could do this protocol with 2 sand bags and less than 20 bucks of materiel and 120 feet of ground. Or hell 2 rocks for free.

Stayed up WAY late

spending quality time with Barb.
The city of phoenix neighborhood services was knocking on our door at 8:30 this morning to ask about a complaint we put in on crazy neighbor lady. Had about 5 hours sleep when he knocked. I was tired fo sho but something struck me. I felt springy, my body felt light and responsive. Groggy as hell, still felt good physically. Great feeling.

Oh and I think I'm just going to do just KB stuff for the next 48 lbs. I won't loose any ( or very little ) strength, hell they are what GAVE me some strength. And kB's are just so much better for fat loss than a barbell.

I'm re-reading Superjoints and Relax into stretch to come up with a JM and stretch routine before I go to bed every night. I can't wait to be light on my feet, really strong, mobile, and in shape cardio wise. That'll be fun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

workout post

TGU with 18lbr
8 minutes continious switching hands every rep

no access to interval timer at home so
one hand swing with 53 sets of 15 one minute rest between sets, got 10 sets totall 150 swings in 18 minutes.

Hammies still just a little tender from Mondays 200 swings with the 88

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fat people clothes

About 6 months ago Barb bought me 3 shirts. Very light cotton T-shirts. I have never been able to wear them. Although they say their xxl they aren't. So on a whim, I put one on. Not only does it comfortabely fit, it's TOO BIG. Very nice.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

HA. Turns out I'm smarter than I though.

I saved my workout circuits to a folder in my hotmail!!! I'll reprint them tonight. LOL

Swing volume and weight pr

Beggining of back-off week, didn't know wether to do KB's or weights or both. And my oldest son ( with the greatest of intentions ) cleaned the living room and threw away my KB workout circuits. Wich I now need to get again.

So I grabbed the 88 lb'r and decided to do some 2 hand swings. I planned on 3-4 sets of 10 BUT they felt really damn good.
So over the course of abut 45 minutes I did 20x10
200 swings with the bulldog

This was me about a year ago, pushing 300 at least. At a Breast Cancer benifit concert a buddy of mine held. Fat and drunk. It's changing.

And here right after the swings. This is me really not wanting to be fat anymore. Can you see it in my eyes?

Saturday, June 23, 2007


dumbell row 75x8x2/2

tgu 5minutes w/ 18lb bell
swing 15 minutes 30 seconds on 1 minute off w/ 53 lb bell
I made myself do all the work sets with the swing. sheesh

incline walk on treadmill w/60 lb weight vest 30 minutes
very nice finisher.

Friday, June 22, 2007

DL and DL with chains

Man another one I just slogged through. Once again strength was fine. PRed actually.

Found a fundamental powerlifting truth. Leave links on the ground when using chains!!!!

I pulled 315x5x1

Then started messing around with chains. Put 225 on the bar and 100 lbs of chain. Pulled it but uh... I pulled the cahins completely off the ground. Wich then succombed to newtons first law of motion and started swaying. 325lbs of unstable mass was more than I was prepared to handle. So I dropped it rapidly.

I have a name for my inner mullett. I call him Joe Bob. Joe Bob thinks monster truck pulls are good, Joe Bob doesn't like thinking things through. I hate Joe Bob.

Ok so then I pulled the chains and weights off the bar, put 50 lbs of chain on, figured out how to adjust it then put another 50 on.

Then I went


Chains are cool, very cool actually, its almost like partial pull cause you only get the full weight at the top. BUT the neat thing I figured out is that you have to keep the bar speed up as fast as you can at that weight to keep it moving. seriously cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I was wondering if I should post this or not...

partially because I don't want to make light of Barb's recent stay in the hospital. She was very sick and if I had not insisted she go the the ER that night she might be dead now. This post is about me. Not really me but my state of mind. I take everything and internalize it to the point extreme frustration. Kids, work, money, school, Barb's sickness, Ryans' teeth, cars, neighbors, the fire, and who knows what the fuck else. I tell myself that KB's or lifting releases my frustration. And indeed it does. But how much of this frustration is caused by my own microscopic view of myself and my situation? Yes I have 5 kids. 5 beautiful, amazing, wonderfull, kids. I'm married and I have had to give up a lot to be so. But what have I gained? A lifetime with one of the most amazing human beings I know.

See I had what Barb calls a sentinal event, I was pumping gas into the van. She walked up to me, she asked me for a few dollars for her and her dog. I turned to look at her, to asses her. I will gladly help out a person with mental problems who has fallen through the cracks. Likewise I won't give money to someone who looks like they would spend it on drugs or alcohol. The sight of her hit me hard in the gut, just the sight alone. The huge cancerous growth on the side of her face. The black, ominous, oozing tumor on her face. The mass of improperly replicated cells that will eventually take over some vital organ in her body and kill her. No mercy, no emotion, just a hot, oozing, cracked death scentance stamped on her face for the world to see. I wanted to cry, maybe I did. The blank stare, the dead eyes of mental disorder looked at me waiting for a response. "Please, just a few dollars for food and water for me and my dog." I went into the 7/11 and bought dog food, water, food, and the brand of beer she buys. I've seen her in the neighborhood before. Just never face to face. I gave it to her. I seriously was fighting tears the whole time I purchased the items.

When she thanked me and told me it was the first cold water the have had in a month I did cry. It was 105 degres that day. I started to realize what I have. The house is not important, the kids never misbehavinbg is not important, the dogs barking at midnight is insignificant. Freedom of choice is, and not even freedom, but the ability to understand the consequnces of our choices. She didn't have that. She never has nor will she ever have it.

Barb gets sick, I understand we need medical help. I'm overweight, I understand what I have to do to loose the weight. Ryan gets a cavity I understand the dentist must take care of it. She will never ever have that capability.

I told her about County Hospital and even offered to take her there. She was worried about her dog. I offered to take care of him. She shrugged me off and said " Don't worry, we'll be ok." She left, obviously uncomfortable with the attention, not understanding that she could have changed her life at that moment.

When I went home that day I didn't see the responsibility of the house, or the debt, or the fact that I can' travel. I saw the beauty of my life, I saw the wonderfull amazing choices I've made.

workout post

I think the last few days with Barb being sick, Ryans tooth and yesterday my dad being admitted to the hospital for emphasema caught up with me today. Numbers are fine, but they are half the story. Everything just First and foremost i kept having problems generating tension. The last few sets on bench my legs were shaking like a virgins on prom night. Once I completely missed the spot on my sternum I was aiming for and completely lost tricep tension on the bottom. TGU's were a bitch and a half. abs kept rebelling. And my energy was just LOW LOW LOW.

Plus I broke through a set point with my weight yeterday 269lbs broke trhough 270 wich is hard as hell for me now. It used to be 230. not anymore.


one arm supported row ( knee on bench )
100lb dumbell 8x2/2

tgu for 8 min. with 26 lbe bell. 1/2 TGUs by 4rth minute
Swings w/53 18 minutes
30 seconds on 1 minute off. I was so winded and distracted I kept forgetting wich beep meant what on the interval timer. I was TOAST at the end of that 18 minutes. UGH.

One thing that was very very cool though that after I was well into my bench/row sets I saw veins in my lower arms starting to pop. I have NEVER had vascularity at this weight!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I think we've figured out what happened with Barb.

Just a hypothoses, but it makes sense to me. Barb gets asymptomatic UTI's once in a while, that is a UTI with no symptoms. She has been hospitolized for this before, because left untreated UTI's can comprimise the kidneys. Wich is what I believe happend with her. Her white blood cells were high indicating infection. So her ketones were building up in her blood because her kidneys couldn't process them. The levels indicated large amounts of muscle breakdown or Rhabdomyelesis on par with huge amounts of alcohol or severe diabetes or heavy heavy excersize. What the docs didn't take into consideration is that they had built up continiously for several days.

999 out of a 1000 people feel better, loose weight, and get mere energy from low-carb diets she just happened to be the 1 that didn't. Poor girl.

Monday, June 18, 2007

workout post

Box squats 160x12x2
sets 10,11,and 12 were mentally tough.

continious TGU 5 min. I got spanked used an 18 lb bell and made the 5 minutes but freakin hell does that mess with the ego.

swings w/24
didn't count reps
30seconds on 1 minute off for 15
the swings were getting mighty low towards the end :-)
jandas ( negative only )
6 reps

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yeah buddy another PR

Overhead squat with the Bulldog. Just messing around burning off nervous energy after the last 2 days and a missed DL workout. Doing some swings, cleans, and tosses with the bulldog and some gripper stuff. It felt lighter than ever so I brought it inside and tried it. Viola.

Sorry for the darkness.

On another note I'm seriously starting to think about either the 220 or 242 weight class instead of 198. Partially because I hate dieting. Getting stronger is just so damned FUN. Partially because I'm built for it.

Best Fathers day present

Barb's home and feeling much better.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So of course while Barb is in the hospital

Ryan gets an abcessed tooth. We are ALWAYS on the edge financially, ALWAYS. House is in forclosure. Sometimes I feel like everything is held together with tiny gossamer webs. The wind shifts the wrong direction and the whole house of cards will come falling in on itself.

Iron is the only constant right now.

Light Bench
(135 x 2 ,155 x 2 175 x 2) x 3
275 4 board press
4 x 2
These are FUN.

later tonight DL, TGU and swings

It's 430 and we have an official diagnosis

Ketoacidosis. The docs are blaming low-carb diet combined with excersize. They say that Ketouremia combined with Rhabado is the cause. I'm frustrated now because it's right back to square one. She has been on a low carb diet for 8 days, yet some of these symptoms have been getting worse for a couple of years.
The scary thing is that she had the same level of muscle breakdown that severe diabetics get or severe alcoholics who drink and pass out without moving for hours.

Barbs Diagnosis

Metebolic Acidosis. Appearantly this is very dangerous. I'm very glad I talked her into going to the ER She has been complaining of many of the symptoms for the last year or two including a very rapid decline in vision. Chest pain that nobody can diagnose, random bouts of nausea and vomiting. Maybe the doc will figure out the root cause and get it fixed. As it stands it doesn't seem to be caused by any of the traditional reasons.
The main reasons are,

Alcohol concumption: hers has decreased exponentially.
Diabetes: Her sugars were VERY low. 64 actually.
Muscle breakdown from extreme activity: she has started working out again but taking it extremely easy.
The bodies inability to remove certain types of waste: her urine osmo was fine ( the test measuring this action. )

She has been admitted to the hospital, so hopefully they will find the answer.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yeah, so Barb's in the hospital.

She has been having problems of and on for the last couple of years with blood pressure, mood, and other things. The doctors at work think it has something to do with either peri-menopause or thyroid or both.
Anyway she was really sick last night, vomiting and almost passing out. Well today in the heat of the day she decides to go for a bike ride. Remember she's a nurse, a night nurse. So she never really gets exposed to the heat anymore. She calls me about 30 minutes after she left and asked me to come get her. I did, she was a sick individual. It's either heat stroke or a malfunctioning thyroid or both.
It was 115 degrees in the parking lot when I got her. UGH. I hope they figure out what's going on wit her. It's really starting to affect her quality of life. I convinced her to go to the ED. She's NEVER been sick like this 2 days in a row.
I'll keep everyone updated.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yup I was all blogging about how I wasn't sore this am. Yeah.....................uhm.......I'm sore now.
D in DOMS stands for DELAYED.......yeah. Hot bath and advil for me tonight.

New toys at the ole' home gym

Yee haw.

Crap ( in a good way )

Did a heavy double on bench, worked up to heavy double on yates rows did TGUs and swings. Yeterday was a freakin marathon day. And I'm just BARELY sore in the middle of my back, my bis are are tiny bit sore, and my hip flexors are present and accounted for. I seriously though I was going to wake up in agony. Nope. Is it possible to have better recovery abilities at 35 than 20. Maybe it's just better nutrition. Of course DOMS is a possibility.
On another note, is it possible to have 2 favorite gyms?? Thorbecks is so damned cool. It's so full of a certain type of energy. Like all the lifters that have come before have left and imprint there. And they are watching you. The people are totally nice, not judgemental, nothing. They rely on the karma ( wich they call the honor system ) concept wich makes me favore this gym HEAVILY. Just because you never see a buisiness run that way anymore.
Then there is Strengthworks, same type of people. Same great music. Bad Religion was on the stereo last night. Sometimes it Zombie or Judas Priest. or whatever. Barb wants to workout and she doesn't want to do weenie workouts. She likes weights and asked to do what I'm doing. i said ok. She wants to do the big three and KB's with me. She loves to squat, but she can't do the bar yet. So I said hey strengthworks has a powersquat machine. We went. I do love that place. Everytime I go they have a more equipment. Now they have an Elieko Oly set (that had to set them back a buck or two ). Apollon axle bar. kettlebells from 26-88 lbs......wait for it......and they are Dragon Door bells!!!! Set of kegs. Full set of CoC grippers. Tires. Sleds. Weighted vest. Full sets of bands. EFS chain sets with the adjustable setup. AND it was funny Barb was all intimidated, she was saying when we went in, "Do you think I'll be welcome in here?". I laughed a little and told her absolutely. Turns out she went to the bathroom and one of the owners started asking me about her. "Is that your wife...........?" He was waiting for the "No it's my cousin" or something like that. Sorry pal find your own girl. :-) Barb stll doesn't believe me. I recognize the tone, I'm a guy. He was all complimenting her on her matching hair and shirt.
So anyway Barb came to the same conclusion I did. Get a membership at Strengthworks and when we want to lift at Thorbecks just pay the 2 damn dollars to lift there!

OH yeah i was doing TGU's at strengthworks and one of the other owners walks buy and says "Cool, Turkish Getups are so good for you, one of my favorites." Nice. Not "What does that work???"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm starting to walk around feeling strong. I'm not strong comparitevely, but fuck it, I feel great.

Back workout
Yates row
135 x 2x5
275x2 ( grip gave out befor lats, found a legitamate use for straps coulda got 4 reps maybe)

Back is fried from bottom to top. NICE.
OK TGU's 5 minutes straight with 53 switching hands every rep. They became 1/2 tgus at the end lol.
12 minutes of swings 30 seconds on 60 off
w/53 100 swings. I'm so not in shape, my best is 160 in 12

workout post

chest/back heavy
Got interrupted by the kids Tyler needed to go somewhere. so I got MOST of me chest work done. I'll do back, getups and swings later tonight.

135 x 2 sets x 5 reps
185 x 2 sets x 5 reps
225x2 I really thought I'de get 5 reps here. Very disapointed that I didn't in a way. In another way this time last year I couldn't even do rack lockouts with 225 so really it's all good.

I had 2-3 more doubles in me and planned on doing them. But kiddies interviened.

It's all good though. 225x7 is my short term goal. I want to experament with bench ladders and I want to do them with 225 so I need 7 reps. I really dug the crap out of ladders for shoulders.

food so far
omlette at BRASS RAIL. lots of calories so the rst of my meals are/were small

roast beef 3 oz and veggies

isopure 0 carbs protien drink ( intersting It's been an hour since I had the drink, no protien or fiber with it and I'm FAMISHED ) next meal will have fat and veggies

3 eggs
2 oz cheese

Monday, June 11, 2007

Food/workout log

spades swings 5/5
clubs cleans 5/5
hearts windmill 1/1 to underleg pass 8 reps
diamonds push press 5/5
520 reps with the 53
98 minutes.
Then to top it off I pressed the bulldog once on either side. Not a strict press mind you, I had to clean it and use the force pool created by the clean and add a little pusg with my legs. But just a little one. I tried it without using the clean energy and couldn't do it. But I'm close!!

530pm at Thorbecks me and wifey worked out
Me. Squat 185 x 8x2
her bench, rows, arms

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brush fire at the old homestead.

Just a FRACTION of the nastiness we live next too. and this is after a prolonged fight with the city to get them to clean up their shithole.

The highly suspicious gas can turned over in crazy neighbors yard.

This is the fire damage.

OK this was one of the weirdests nights I can remember. It was about 11 oclock, I was chatting on the 'puter with wifey and I hear the front door gets flung open. Somebody I don't know is in my living room screaming, and my kids start screaming. All this happens in a fraction of a second. I grabbed my blade and head for the living room fully thinking we are the recipients of a home invasion. They are all too common in this area. Before I get to the living room I realize this girl is screaming that the house is on fire and she's pushing my kids out the door. This sucks, we live on a main street that's busy even late. Several very important issues pop in my head, kids, pets, traffic, ect. To much jumbled stuff in my head to remember accurately. I QUICKLY organize the kids care under Tylers supervision, he actually got in the van and drove it a couple hundred yards to my mother-in-laws house even though e doesn't have a liscense. He shouldn't have driven, but I'm damned proud of him too, he was thinking about all the kids. I pulled the fence down that blocks the back from the front and grabbed a hose. The fence between us and our neighbore was fuly engulfed. Actaully it was reassuring it had not reached our house, just the fence. Neighbors helped me put out the fire by the time the fire department got there. The eaves of our house were smoking right before I got it put out. Scary.
All in all I'm very proud of everyone, they all stayed together and listened, the older kids protected and watched the little kidsI'm on a hormone crash right now nursing a beer. Yes i'm tossing back a beer, after that I needed one.

I've done 2 deck of cards workouts so far

one with a tire and a 2-pood and a bulldog with lower reps. This left me sore and wiped, so much so that my pl workout was out of the question.
The other with the 53, that, while very difficult, left me with enough strength to do an abbreviated version of my PL workout at night.
Just one more thing I love about the 53. It has fast become my favorite bell and the 88 almost seems like hunting rabbits with a cannon now.
So here is my 2 goals with the 53.
1) volume: 500+ reps 3 times weekly early am before it gets hot and before breakfast. wich means early to be and early to rise. (ugh I'm so a night owl ).
2)density: under 45 minutes. This is a ways off.

heres what it should look like
swings 5/5
pushpress 5/5
windmill 1/1 to underleg pass 8 reps ( 10 total )
cleans 5/5
520 reps 27560 lb workouts thrice a week.

Then PL stuff
abbreviated workouts

Mon squat plus 1 accessory excersize rotated every month
wed bench/back heavy low rep low sets
fri DL plus 1 accsessory movement
sat light bench/back heavy tris.
No marathon, 12 sets of bench 12 sets of rows, workouts for now. They will come though and when the do I'll have the conditioning to handle them too.

272 this morning 11 lbs down from may 29th

I'm waking up feeling light every morning. I can't wait for 220.

I'm stealing Christine Petty's idea

You know your on Atkins when:

Brauts are an acceptable breakfast food
Eggs are perfectly fine for supper
Bacon bocomes a condament

She's a much more creative writer than me so I'm sure she'll add several funnier items.

Food log
2 brauts ( see told ya )

This also means I'm down 32 lbs from my heaviest last year and approaching the lightest I've been in the last 3-4 years wich was 260. I'm pretty sure I'll be in the 260's on weigh in day and maybe the 240's on July's weigh in day. I weighed 240 on me and Barbs first date.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

food log

chicken breast with veggies
2 shakes with flaxseed
2 sugarfree boarshead brauts
2 slices cheese

I don't even know what the hell I was thinking.

Theme song for today, NIN. Hurt.
Cause I hurt my self today ( good pain ).
Seriously DOMS is almost gauranteed.

Deck of cards
hearts=tire flip x 3
diamonds=jerks with 70 x 3/3
clubs=standing mini-band crunches x 20
spades=2 hand swing with 88 x 5

22,800 lb workout not counting the standing crunches.

The trie flip became singles near the end, and a convenient place to sit o when standing caused uncontrollable shaking. LOL.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Surprised myself,

Dead weight snatch with 70! Hell yes.


I'm not sore at all in my chest, it's the only place. That Deck of Cards workout is brutal.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Check your ego at the door!!

Deck of cards workout.
All done w/ 53lb KB

Hearts=swing 5/5
Spades=Push press 5/5
Clubs=windmill 1/1
Diamonds=10 under leg passes.

Holy shit! This is way tougher than it sounds, took me well over an hour. It was also almost vomit inducing by the end, not metaphorically, I had to sit down to keep from yacking. Sweat was dripping into my eyes. COOL!! This feels exactly like a hard days work, I love it.

416 reps with the 53! outstanding. 22,048 lb workout. sheesh I'm whiped like a dog.


So from experience I know that I can get 5x5 with a weight thats almost exactly 75% of my 1rm. I got 195 5x5 today. The last rep was hard and I really needed to grip the hell out of the bar and pretend I was trying to bend it in two at the same time to finish the rep. Also something really weird happened instinctively. I found I'm stronger elbows tucked off the bottom but near lockout I'm stronger elbows flared. They kinda flared on their own when my rep almost stalled and the bar picked up speed. Cool. So this CONSERVATIVELY means my bench is about 260 right now. I think I'll hit 300 by the end of the year. This also means I've put 85lbs on my bench since this time last year. Hell of a damn good way to top off a couple shitty days.

Now to switch gears and go do Deck of Cards.

Oh yeah. Addendum. I officially hate bodybuilding now. Well not really. But I'll never train that way again. Shitty sleep schedule and lack of calories yesterday no way in hell I would have hit a PR of ANY KIND with high reps/super high intensity techniques like drop sets, giant sets, and the such.

Rob Zombie and the little one.

I'm just so proud, my little girl likes Zombie!


my food cravings are switching towards protien/fat in stead of carbs. I woke up at noon today ( Ryan wouldn't go ts sleep last night, he FINALLY gave up the ghost at 4am, stubborn little kid. ) craving cashews, so I ate some!!

morning meal
beef jerky
50 grams protien
600 calories

Isopure drink.
40 grams protien
I know I should have made more of an effort here, but time was crunched and its carb free!!

Big ass grass fed ribeye
spinach salad with garlic and EVOO

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hell yeah

276.o this AM -7 lbs so far

56 lbs to First goal.

Monday, June 04, 2007


box squat

food no carbs but way to little calories, only 2 meals all day. shitty day

Fair skin and AZ

This is what happens to you in AZ when the drama where your at gets too much and you decide to walk somewhere else.

workout post

was going to do squats and deck of cards.
Life happened ended up walking 8 miles in 108 degree weather. Squats later today.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

food/workout log

Wanted to do something today, but didn't want it to interfere with squats and swings tommorrow. Settled on farmers walk.
slammed 4 shots of espresso. It was 105 degrees when I started walking.
Took Barbs 18 lb bell.
2 miles continious farmers walk, the espresso kicked in around 1/2 mile in. Nice sweat, wasn't nearly as hard as I though it was going to be. Weighted walks stay.

6oz sirloin 2 eggs

4 eggs
4 slices bacon
stirfry veggies

protien shake w/flaxseed meal.

Tracy Reifkind: Official Machine

This is one of those things that makes me realize just what the human body is capable of. 295 reps in the USSST. The video is from minutes 8-9. INSANE

Workout post

170( 70% of max)5x5

heavy tris
Bench lockout, saftey pins set 10 holes down from top
275 3x3 3 sets of 3 is a volume PR. old record 1 set of 3

Clean and Jerks with 70
don't laugh it's hard!
I'm going to alter between swings and C&J's. it's too bad these are known primarily as a GS excersize. I really like them. I think they have just as much place in an atheletes program as snatches. JMHO.

Second set

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Where do I start.

First of all, when I did these they didn't look nearly as fluid. most of the time I had to reswing the bell to get it going. Secondly I hurt myself doing these. Thirdly she is doing it in a skirt like it's nothing. Fourthly ( is that a word) she does the cute little"bend one knee in" very girlie shy thing at the end just to make me feel like an added wimp.

Food log

3 egg omlette

turkey lunch meat
3-4 0z hunk meunster cheese
at moms house she almost couldn't get past the fact I was eating a sandwich with no bread. LOL

4 oz roast beef

solved the coffee dilema. No sugar free sweetner in it. Like Christina and Rif say ir makes me want sweets. Quad espresso today, just espresso. Very nice.

Workout and supper stir fry to follow.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My little girl...........................

If this happened to my little girl I'd kill the people responsible.

The three young women were bored by the party on South Buena Vista Avenue last March 3. For every guy, there were three girls, and many of them were young. Alcohol flowed from a makeshift bar in the kitchen - beer, vodka and plastic bags of wine slurped down in a routine called "slap the bladder."

The three, all soccer players at De Anza College, were about to leave around 12:30 a.m. when a girl they didn't know gestured to a room off the kitchen and said, "Hey, there's eight guys in that room with one girl."

Thinking that was strange, the soccer players - April Grolle, Lauren Chief Elk, and Lauren Bryeans, all 20, knocked on the French doors to the room, which were being held shut from within.

A De Anza college baseball player opened the door about three inches. "You girls don't know what the f--- is going on," they remember him saying. "Get the f--- out of here."

But a black sheet draped behind the door was lifted a bit at the bottom. As the lights flickered, Lauren Chief Elk bent down and saw a mattress, a girl, a man thrusting above her and a number of pairs of legs surrounding them in a horseshoe.

"We immediately knew what was happening," recalled Chief Elk, 20, as she and Grolle told their story publicly Tuesday for the first time. "We knew it was not right."

The three girls, now "swearing like sailors," in Grolle's description, began knocking more fiercely, pushing their way into the room with all the weight in their slender but tall frames.

"You don't even f------ know the girl," they remember one young man telling them. "Mind your own business." At that point, Grolle made up a lie, giving it credibility by saying - correctly - that the girl was wearing a yellow corset. "I do know this girl, she's a friend of mine," she remembers yelling.

What they found after the boys departed is etched in their memories forever, every last tawdry detail. On her back on the queen-sized mattress was a semi-conscious 17-year-old girl, naked from the waist down. Her eyes were shut. Vomit covered her mouth and ran down the side of her face. Her jeans, panties and one shoe were all shoved down on one leg. The only thing the victim could mutter was "I'm sorry."

"You knew immediately this wasn't consensual sex," the 5-foot-11 Grolle said. "Consensual sex is not supposed to look degrading. It's something that you take responsibility for. The way I found this lifeless young girl - it just didn't look right."

Grolle and Chief Elk detailed that night Tuesday afternoon at the Cupertino home of Susan Stone Belton, a counselor who has helped them in the 11 weeks since the incident occurred. The third young woman, Bryeans, is traveling in France.

The women have gone through rough times: In the first weeks, they were subjected to harassment on the DeAnza campus for telling their story to sheriff's deputies. They missed soccer practices and classes to talk to investigators. And this week, the decision of District Attorney Dolores Carr not to file charges capped the story in a way that's been painful.

If there are heroes to this disturbing tale, it is these three young women, who broke into a room with a bunch of boys and stopped something they knew to be wrong. Investigators have said the victim herself can't remember the events. And so the soccer players must be her spokesmen, her conscience and her witness.

Making their way through the filthy room that night, the girls lifted the victim up wiped the vomit from her mouth. It took a while to get her dressed. Grolle tried to feed her bread and get her to drink some water, but nothing would stay down. As Lauren Chief Elk ran to get her car, Bryeans and Grolle lifted the 17-year-old, who was not light, and carried her out a back kitchen door door to the street to avoid the party.

"I didn't think people needed to see this," Grolle recalled.

Though there were closer hospitals to the Burbank area of central San Jose, Chief Elk knew the location of one emergency room for certain: Kaiser Santa Teresa, more than 10 miles away. And so she floored it, arriving there 15 or 20 minutes later. Grolle rushed inside and the orderlies brought out a wheelchair. Luckily, the girl was a Kaiser patient. By this time, the soccer players had been able only to get a first name and a date of birth from her, but that was enough for Kaiser officials to identify her. "Help me," Grolle remembers the girl muttering.

In the weeks since, the three girls have been in touch with the girl. They've talked to sheriff's investigators. Late Tuesday, they met with Sheriff Laurie Smith.

Grolle and Chief Elk say they couldn't identify most of the people in the room, thoughBryeans, who was friends with the team, knew several of them. And they correct one part of the record: They say they heard no cheering in the room.

Yes, they're baffled by the legal system, though they don't cast any specific criticism of Carr. "It just leaves me with a question," Grolle said. "It's just unfortunate to see an incident like this occur."

Though the DA isn't explaining her call beyond a brief statement Monday, she obviously had reasons. It's well within belief that the victim's lack of memory, or problems with witness statements, could fatally hamper the case. Nobody who followed the Duke lacrosse case can say Carr's caution is wrong. There's a difference between knowing something and being able to prove it in court.

Here's what I can tell you about April Grolle and Lauren Chief Elk: They spoke the truth. As young women, they knew instinctively that something was very wrong in the room behind the French doors. The girl they saw could not have given her consent.

Some people might have walked away at that point. But Grolle and Chief Elk and Bryeans did something more. They broke into the room and told the men to leave. Finally, they're telling their story out loud. Any one of us who have kids would be proud to have them as ours.


I need conditioning. I steer away from high reps 'cause well they're tough for a fat dude like me. The C&Js today made me want to do high reps again. although I didn't count, and I definately had higher reps on my left ( starting arm ) than my right. So I'm going to start swings and C&Js for time. Not GS though, I'm going to put the bell down when I need too and just try to accelerate as hard as I can every rep. Yes I realize I will my power and endurance will greatly diminish, but that's kinda the point. I use a "natural" tempo when going for time. I think I'm going to push that speed a little.

food log, workout log

protien shake w/ milled flaxseed
400 calories 55 grams protien

4 oz roast beef
2 oz cheese
1/4 head of cabbage

4oz ground beef
2oz cheese

CV deadlift.
250 x 15x1
rack holds/pull 6-8 inches 405 x 3x3-6 seconds. GOOD FOR THE GRIP.

Christine challenged me to try something
continious LCC&J w/ an 18lbr
3minutes left 3 minutes right
one of the worst 6 minutes of my life

last meal
a pound of shrimp