Sunday, September 06, 2009

Doing a 12 week experiment

Actually broke down and bought a nutrition book.

I will be keeping pics and workouts in another blog, afer 12 weeks I'll open it up to everyone, and I'll keep blogging on this blog.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

workout this am

swing 5/5
reverse lunge 5/5
jerk 5/5
bent over row 5/5
clean 5/5
press 5/5
snatch 5/5
OH squat 5/5
clean and jerk 5/5
goblet squat 10

100 reps without putting the bell down.

53 lb bell

I found that if I rested in the rack or overhead or whatever for just a second or two I could still get the next rep.
Then I had a little epiphany, just because I'm breathing like an asthmatic mule doesn't mean I can't move. It sucks ass, but I can still do work in an extremely winded state.